dual sidebars? Sidebars on every page view?

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    My first blog is reunifygally.wordpress.com which I’ve been running for a few months.

    I’m now starting to work on a second blog that I want to take more seriously than the first, at wecando.wordpress.com

    Two questions related to the widget sidebars:

    1. Right now, all the widgets seem to automatically go on the right hand side. Fine. Except that I have a lot of widgets I want to put up. Which means someone looking for the “right” widget may have to scroll down a ways. Is there any way I could move some of the widgets to the left hand side instead? Or is that even supported here?

    2. For some reason, the widgets only seem to show up for me (or for people visiting my blog) if people enter at the main page wecando.wordpress.com but do NOT show up if someone comes directly to a specific blog post (for example, http://wecando.wordpress.com/2007/07/28/finding-local-disability-organizations/ or whatever). This was annoying in my older blog (reunifygally) because most of my readers come to me from aggregate RSS feeds like deafread.com and never see the main page — and thus, never see the widgets. It’s too early yet to say how people will be finding my new blog (which will have a different audience), but if they too find me through RSS feeds then they too will never see things like the “most recent comments” or “most popular posts” or whatever on the right hand side.

    How can I get the widgets to show up EVERY time a person comes to my blog site, regardless of whether they’re looking at the main page, at one individual post, or at archives, or something else?




    The placement of the sidebars wherein the widgets are placed is hardcoded by the theme designer. If you want sidebars on either side of the blogging space then you must switch themes. Likewise if you want sidebars visible on every page then you must switch themes. (see: Andreas 09 and Garland)

    This is a multi-user blogging platform. We cannot access and edit our underlying template files. If we could do so then all other blogs would be likewise effected by the edits we made.

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