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Dude, where is my comment box?

  1. Sorry fellas. But the problem has re-occured, i.e: the comment box on some of the posts in my blog ( is still disabled. So my friends has to go to other-unrelated posts and pages to comment, which makes reference difficult. I'm afraid they'd get tired of it soon and, horror of horrors, stop visiting my weblog!

    So, is there some button i should press to make the comment box appear on ALL of my posts? Or should i contact the volunteer guys to fix the blog for me?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I have a feeling we've covered this already, but are you pasting in from elsewhere on the web or from Word? Because that can really screw up a blog. You could well be picking up tags that are pushing the comment box off of the screen.

  3. Here is the other thread. Can you change the settings on the right-hand side in Edit?

  4. You were right about covering this in another question, raincoaster. That's why i said "sorry fellas", btw. Problem is, the comment disappears in some posts and appears on others. Anywho.. will give your suggestion a try. And thank you for your help!

  5. Nope! The only thing about comments u can edit seems to be either the comments themselves or if they should be held for moderation & etcetra. There is nothing that can be done for those posts with no comments [i.e. or boxes on them].

    But.. well.. it could have been worse, right? Thanks anyway!

  6. Open the post on the write post page, scroll dow to "advanced options" at the bottom of the page, click on comments and pings, and set "allow comments" and then save the post.

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