Due to WP error (admitted), 4 domains are in redemption, need resolution

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    My firm ( http://www.technomad.com/ ) purchased several simple WP-based websites for some of our dealers. We upgraded these with domains.

    Wednesday PM, we received a message from (email redacted) (copied below) stating that due to a WP technical error, we hadn’t been getting messages about these domains – but btw, they are expiring and need to be renewed.

    Going to the Dashboard to renew, I see I can’t renew in the normal way.. but have to contact support. (?)

    So, I email Support, and (after a significant delay) am told that these domains are ‘in redemption’ and
    “* We can renew the domain for you, through our registrar. This costs $97 per domain, which includes $17 for the domain and an additional cost of $80 for a late renewal. We have no control over this additional cost, as it is levied on us by out domain registrar.”

    This strikes me as… crazy.

    The reason these domains went into redemption was due to WP.com internal error, lack of notice. I’ve never had a similar issue with NetSol, MyDomain, etc.

    I’ve asked for next steps, and at a minimum a reasonable cost split for the renewal, no reply.

    As a general note, has WP tech support been unusually slow lately? I’m surprised that after an initial support email, and after getting a reply @ 24 hours later, the subsequent email exchanges ALSO take 24 hours. That’s really sloooow.

    Particularly troubling in a time sensitive situation like this.

    I’m hoping this is a temporary glitch @ WP, because I’ve been a pretty loyal advocate of the platform, and have encouraged a number of firms / colleagues to switch to WP.

    Hoping for a resolution.

    – Karl

    email re the WP communication issue:

    From: “WordPress.com Upgrades” <(email redacted)>
    Subject: WordPress.com domain renewal notice: &&&&&&&&&.com
    Date: February 1, 2012 1:47:16 PM PST
    To: k&&&&&&&&&gmail.com

    Dear User,

    We just noticed that you may not have received our notifications about your domain name ‘modernsoundengineering.com’ expiring on January 4th, 2012.

    This was due to a technical glitch on our end that has now been fixed, please accept our apologies about that.

    You can still renew your domain name from this page:


    Should you experience any trouble during the renewal process, please get in touch with us by replying to this email.

    Please let us know if you have any questions,

    The WordPress.com team”

    The blog I need help with is acsaudiovideo.com.



    We Volunteers answer support questions only and cannot help with this issue. Please continue your email conversation with Staff as they are the only ones who can sort this for you. We can’t.



    We’ll actually take care of this for you. If for some reason we are still requiring your to pay the redemption fee, please ask to speak to either Paolo or Ran.



    HI McManx –

    a) Wasetlander Panda? Yes!

    b) Yes, we’re still oddly being asked to pay the redemption fee. I copied the H.E. (Naoko) on the original email (the one apologizing for the technical mistake, lack of notification).

    She apparently didn’t understand it was from WP, and just reiterates that “we sent you notifications”.

    If you can pass the message to Paolo or Ran, I’d appreciate it – I’ll try getting the message through Naoko, but I’m not optimistic. ;)

    -= K



    I was able to track down one of your request and moved that over to the proper department.

    Sorry for the trouble!



    You rock!

    I’ll let you know if it gets picked up by the regular support / email chain.

    I’m thinking the WP support system (for paying customers) could really benefit from a feedback mechanism (“how did your last support interaction go”) and from a chat-interface, eg Olark or similar.

    The very slow email support cycle (24 hours + between communications) seems like it must generate needless angst… rather than just banging out a solution ‘live’ with a support person.

    Just some constructive feedback for my favorite CMS. ;)



    Thanks, we’re actually considering both things right now.



    FWIW, I find the live chat (initial assessment by customer service person, then hand-off to to a tech) incredibly useful @ Barracuda. Every issue resolved quickly, well.

    BTW, was there another way I should have tackled this issue? meaning, I just submitted it through normal help system. Not sure if it being domain related meant I should have started somewhere else?



    No, what you did was correct. You just sent it in the same day we were discussing the solution, so I think there was a misunderstanding or miscommunication on our part.



    Hi Macmanx –

    Any update? Haven’t seen anything on the email support side, don’t want to lose the redemption window…

    Thanks for your help.

    – Karl



    You’re all set now, I just replied to the email with further details on how you can pay the normal renewal rate.

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