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  1. Today I'm captain obvious.

    This is because in your post: "ProclamaciĆ³n de Independencia de 1916", the Proclamation of Independence is in italics.

    Well, duh!

  2. how many cups of coffee did you have this time? =P

  3. Just 4... Yesterday was too much, today wasn't enough... **sigh**

  4. I recommend green tea. It never mucks you up.

  5. Thank you, I'll try that.

  6. Try Martinis. It may not make things clearer, but it'll be fun to watch you on 16 Martinis.

  7. Shaken not stirred, right?

  8. NOOOOOOO! You watch too damn many movies. Stirred 24 times slowly, and poured into a frozen glass. 6:1, Plymouth gin and Noilly Prat vermouth, with an olive. A good-quality olive.

    Not that I'm at all fussy about these things.

  9. well, thanks for the tip. You sure are a connoisseur of good drinks.

  10. I am. I see no need for solid food, except to make a contrast with beverages.

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