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    I did: pretty mucg everything I can think of.

    I saw: no change lol

    I expected: change ;-(

    Hi, my blog used to have an incredible high ranking prior to dec 09.

    If I wrote a post it would be indexed withing 5mins, now the post cannot be found, only old posts.

    I use google web tools and only thing I can see is in HTML suggestions, it says I have 125 duplicate pages/

    I wrote five posts in the past 5 days or something like that and and that time it said I only had 59 duplicate title tags so I don’t know where the other 60 odd came from.

    I really would like to get this right, it’s a little fustrating as you would imagine and I’ve been trying different things for about four weeks now.

    I recently wrote a post “Cemetery Photography”. prior to Dec 09 if I had written this post title it would have been indexed very quickly and have had a high ranking now nothing.

    The page I have the post dup content (30) is this page which reads like this

    myphotographer « myphotographer






























    Any help would be appreciated so I can get back to taking photos, and leave the seo stuff to the pros



    The blog I need help with is myphotographer.wordpress.com.



    Hello myphotographer, I’m bumping your thread to un-bury your thread so the volunteers can see the thread and be able to help you if they have an answer to your technical situation.



    I don’t really understand what you’re saying. If you have duplicate content, delete it. There’s no workaround.



    thanks timethief, have seen that page a few times now but still cannot get my head around it

    for instance in my setting I have

    Your site has been assigned special crawl rate settings. You will not be able to change the crawl rate.

    Setting is restricted to root level domains only

    so cannot change this neither

    also cannot find out I can put a 301 on the www version to go to the http:// version as this version is the one being indexed the most

    What I don’t understand is that I’m doing the same thing I have always done then like that poof nothing goodbye serps.

    used to be between page 1 and 3 for anything with cape town photographer in now nothing.

    As I mentioned the only thing I can pick up in g wmt is the duplicate title tag thing which has now incidently gone to 144, but I’ve done nothing since I posted this question yesterday, I did another post now but it was already at 144

    Seeing the 144 I also deleted catergory cloud, rss atom and twitter feed to try and see if this helps????

    thanks slikbonez

    thanks slikbonez


    yesterday duplicat title tag in google webmaster tools said 125


    could I also ask:

    Is it bad to approve your own pingbacks?

    You know when you link a post to a old post and get a pingback, is it then bad to go ahead and approve this comment pingback?





    It’s not bad to approve your own pingbacks.


    thanks raincoaster,

    would it be strange that my verified site suddenly went unverified for no reason whatsoever, have reverified it.


    I’m going to suggest contacting staff on this to see what they have to say.



    I think I may have done one post since I last posted that dup content was 144 and now it’s at 202?????

    Is this because google is perhaps indexing more of the site’s posts and thus finding dup content, ‘cos to me it feels like google just doesn’t like me anymore ‘cos I am good friends with bing?

    sometimes it feels like it would be easier just to start over and get reindexed under a different name

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