Dumb question but how does one disable posts on a page?

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    So I’ve just started a blog, and I feel a little overwhelmed from all the options WordPress has to offer from the start. In my initial confusion, I have not yet figured out how to disable comments. I have an about me page set up, and I don’t see the sense in having people comment on my contact information.

    The blog I need help with is idlecommentary.wordpress.com.


    Open the page in the page editor, go to the “screen options” tab at the top right of that page and select to show the “discussion” module. Then scroll down below the text area, click on the right end of the discussion title bar and select to disallow comments and trackbacks and then save.

    As an aside, the discussion module in the page editor is disabled by default on new sites, but once you enable it, it will stay visible till you disable it.



    Awesome, exactly what I needed! For my own knowledge, what are trackbacks exactly?



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