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    I must have a mental block. I have filled in the add a link info and it does not show up anywhere. The one that does show up does not go anywhere. I want to show a link to my book on amazon.com and a link to the guy who makes the software to write a kindle book. That’s all, I would be thrilled if someone could guide me, step by step like an infant (who could probably do it with no problem!) Thanks, Christina

    The blog I need help with is iwitnesslife.wordpress.com.



    It’s not a dumb question. You have a common problem: when you pasted in the links, you pasted them in including the http, which is the right thing to do, but you didn’t first delete the original http:// which was there. So the link just redirects to your own site. Try putting it in again removing the http that is already in the box.

    And for Amazon, you can only use text links, none of the fancy widget or form links they have.



    THANK YOU! I will try that, and thank you for saying it was not dumb ;-)

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