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dumbest game ever

  1. this is probley the dumbest game ever i say 1 the next person ays 2 then the next person says 3 an so on

  2. 1

  3. theunhappycamper


  4. 3

    (this is more fun than I imagined)

  5. 4

    (the last time i had this much fun i went to jail)

  6. 5
    (i'm not surprised, lettershome, this game is so dumb it should be illegal!)

  7. 6

    (this game must be stopped!)

  8. 7
    (Why stop? We should set a goal or something.)

  9. 7

    (I disagree, I think it should go on forever and ever)

  10. 69

  11. oi, you guys are breaking the rules of the dumbest game ever!!!


  12. theunhappycamper


    I'd rather have a toothache.

  13. 10

    (I'm officially addicted to this ... I'll have to call the support line, 1-800-123-4567-891011-121314 ...)

  14. 11 !

  15. 12
    (wait. I wanna do 13 too.)

  16. 13


  17. I cannot say...sufice to say is one of the numbers I cannot repeat!

  18. 14
    why can't you repeat this number, kstafford?

  19. 15

    (must be bad luck in some way)

  20. I am no longer the kstafford who cannot say 14.

    I am now the kstafford who says icky-icky-icky-zakang-zoobong.

  21. lol @ monty python


  22. 17.

    You know this thread has 22 posts, but we're only up to 17...

  23. because some people are so smart they refuse to play the dumbest game ever!

  24. 19

    this game makes me think of something interesting someone said in class the other day. there is a country where your wages at a certain job are determined by your age. if you are 16- $16/hour. if you are 40- $40 an hour.

  25. 20

    Lucky the elderly. They move slow and paid more than the young and fast.

  26. 21 =]

  27. theunhappycamper


    The age when I got my first brand new car.

  28. 23 (the name of a movie w/jim carey)

  29. 24

    Hours in a day.

  30. 25
    is when we're supposed to experience quarter life crisis (though i feel like i'm having it now)


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