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    Today I switched themes to the Duotone which is great. I love it. The only issue I’m having is the Archives page. The thumbnail images are just blurs of my photos. It appears they are just not aligned or resized or anything. I am using the free wordpress blog so cannot edit css but am wondering if there is something I can do to fix this. It’s really hard to look.



    The blog I need help with is lenscapeblog.wordpress.com.


    The thumbnails are just the upper left corners of your images. What you can do to fix this is upload the images to your blog instead of linking to Flickr.

    You can also notify staff and maybe they’ll correct it:

    By the way, for centered images in the posts, their alignment must be set to None before inserting.



    Thanks. I sent a support request. I really prefer linking to my flickr, I hope they can fix this.

    I found a thread in in the forum re: the centering issue. I just thought the flush left was by design, lol and that it was fine. Now I see others w/ centered photos, hmmm Not sure which way I like best. :)

    Thanks again.


    You’re welcome. I guess they can fix it, because in Monotone, Duotone’s older sibling, thumbnails are ok even if the images are hosted elsewhere.

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