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    Can somebody please advise me. I have a photo blog with Duotone as the background. Awhile back I changed the background color and now I want to change it back to the Duotone’s automatic coloration, but no matter how many times I ‘save’ my changes, it never changes. What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you!


    The blog I need help with is mysteriouswild.wordpress.com.



    Disclaimer: I’m using my own webhosting service, and my wordpress blog isn’t hosted on wordpress.com

    There may be another way, but you can update the database. The table is wp_options, and the option_value is “background_color”.

    _wordpressdb.wp_options SET option_value = ‘ ‘ WHERE wp_options.option_id =269;

    Another possible option is, login to your admin, then go to Appearance–>Editor. Edit the “Theme Functions” (functions.php) template. Look for the line:

    background-color: <?php if(get_option('background_color') == '') { ?> #<?php echo $color->bg['+2']; } else {

    Change the part where it says

    get_option('background_color') == ''


    get_option('background_color') == '#000000'

    1. Watch out, those are two single quotes, not one double quote
    2. Replace #000000 with any color that you definitely won’t use as the background color. Basically, this says, “if the background color is #000000 (black), then use the automatic color”

    Hope this helps. And hopefully, the author of this theme can chime in to say if there’s a proper way to do it.



    Oh my god, the formatting destroyed the SQL query:

    UPDATE helliax_weddingblogtest.wp_options SET option_value = ‘ ‘ WHERE wp_options.option_id =269;



    UPDATE helliax_weddingblogtest.wp_options SET option_value = ‘ ‘ WHERE wp_options.option_id =269;


    @helliax, none of that will work here at wordpress.com as we cannot edit the underlying theme files.

    The differences between wordpress.com and wordpress.org (self-hosted) sites.


    Go to appearance > background, delete the background color hex code in the background color field and then save changes.

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