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    I just started a new blog using the Duotone theme. I have another blog that uses the Categories widget and if you select the category then only those posts are displayed. With the Duotone theme that isn’t the case. If I select a category I get a separate page with a drop-down where I can select a category or post date. That does display small thumbnails of the selected posts but then I can’t click on them to look at the individual post. It appears that the category (and category cloud) widgets with the Duotone theme are basically useless. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a fix for this?

    The blog I need help with is julciasmandalas.wordpress.com.



    We need to see the blog, starting with http.



    my blog is at http://julciasmandalas.wordpress.com/

    I really just want to display my blog posts by category.
    There are only 2 posts currently since I’m just starting this blog
    Thanks for any help.



    Thanks. Now that I can see it, it’s easy to understand.

    The reason it’s doing this is, you have only two posts and only two categories. Take a look at how it works on my blog http://lolebrity.net and you’ll see that all the posts in any category do come up and are clickable; you don’t need to use the drop-down menu at all, just click on the pictures.

    As you post more, these things will sort themselves out. And by the way, those are gorgeous images.



    Thank you for the compliment on my images.
    I went to your blog and even there I can’t click on an image
    and go to the post. Could it have something to do with my
    computer (the browser)? I can select a category, I get the
    thumbnails to display but if I click on a thumbnail nothing



    It must have something to do with your computer. Can you right-click on an image and see if it gives you the option to Open in New Tab or Open in Same Tab?



    Yes. Acutually it says Open Link and Open Link in New Window.
    Maybe it’s different if you’re using a Mac? I’m using WIndows XP but it is an old
    browser – Internet Explorer version 6. I haven’t upgraded yet –
    reasons related to the fact that I use my computer for work.


    Your thumbnails work fine.

    IE 6 is full of compatibility problems, because it’s really obsolete: even the official IE page recommends abandoning it. Use a decent browser, such as Firefox.


    I’m on Vista with IE7 and the links don’t do anything for me either unless I right click, which I don’t think I would have thought to do if you hadn’t mentioned it. Maybe a little bug in Duotone?



    If it were a bug, it’d be a bug in all the browsers though. I think maybe there’s a setting in IE or perhaps some obscure anti-popup protocol that prevents this. I’ll try it on my IE8 and see what happens.

    And having tried it, I can report it works just fine.



    Well, I did try it on my son’s Mac and it works fine there so it
    must be something either with IE6 or a setting in the browser.
    I know I should upgrade the browser but in order to use a Citrix connection for
    work it has been recommended not to upgrade Explorer yet.
    I’m going to look through my IE setting and see if there’s anything
    Thanks all for the ideas.



    I tried the categories list right below the “by” line, on the lolebrity.com blog it is these:
    Category: Entertainment, Madonna, celebrity, lol, lolebrity, music

    And when one clicks on the categories it links to the wordpress tags instead of the categories within the blog.
    should be: http://lolebrity.net/category/madonna/

    this is the case in Chrome and Firefox. seems to be an error.

    I LOVE the new theme. http://martinsoler.wordpress.com/

    Also I can’t seem to figure out how to put the categories cloud in there.

    PS: Any way we can publish a secondary photo in a post?



    Are you asking why it links to the Global tag pages? It does so in all cases, on all themes. From the Archive page or the Category widget, it links only within the blog.

    Sure, you can publish a secondary photo, but not full-size. You have to add it as a Gallery.


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