Duotone Contact form…

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    … is almost unreadable because of a lack of contrast…

    See: http://fifescapes.wordpress.com/contact/

    This is simply a page with the following:

    Please use the following form if you want to contact me:

    The blog I need help with is fifescapes.wordpress.com.



    FWIW I am visually challenged and I have no difficulty at all reading the white text on the gray background. However, that being said Staff do monitor these Themes Forum threads and will respond to you.



    Look very closely. It’s not just white on fairly pale grey, there is grey on almost the same grey next to the white on grey. It shows if you highlight it with the cursor.


    It’ll be fine if you make the page colored. To do that, create a 1×1 image in the color you would prefer and upload and insert it to your contact page.

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