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Duotone: EXIF data not appearing

  1. I tested around with the new Duotone theme. The most important feature would be the automatic EXIF data from the pictures. But unfortunately the EXIF in not appearing. The photos are uploaded to FlickR.

    Any solutions?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why using flicker?

    Just upload the pictures to the media section. It should work that way.

  3. Because I'm using my photos in many other places too, so they all can use FlickR conviniently. The discription of the theme didn't say anything that the photos have to be in wordpress. I know that other pages like Fluidr can get the EXIF data from FlickR pictures.

    Just wondering why Duotone can't do it.

  4. It's a new theme and other adjustments have been made. Also more have been suggested. Perhaps Staff just hasn't had time to address them all, as yet.

  5. As it's a new theme there are other threads on it wherein bloggers pointed out problems and Staff fixed them. Perhaps locating those threads and commenting there to include a link to this thread would be the way to go to bring this to Staff attention.

  6. Well, I would consider it to be rude posting on other people's threads about the EXIF when there is this thread for this specific problem. I think it's better to discuss things in organised manner. One topic in one place.

  7. Sure enough I just wanted you to know that it's a new theme and Staff have been working on it.

  8. The Monotone theme worked the same way; the data was not accessible under "Description" in that case, same as it is not now visible in the post in Duotone. These issues are inherent to the themes.

  9. @raincoaster

    So is Monotone fixed or not? In latter case I think I should not expect the Duotone to be fixed anytime soon as it is much newer theme, right?!

    Does anyone know if the EXIF works with other online photo galleries than FlickR or is one forced always to use wordpress gallery in order to get the EXIF working?

  10. It continues to work this way. Duotone as well. As far as I can tell one must always upload the image to WordPress to have the EXIF info displayed.

    You can, of course, just copy and paste it in the text area.

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