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    I have fallen in love with the AVID theme. I am also in love with my blog’s DUOTONE theme. How can I combine aspects of the Avid theme into my Duotone blog theme?

    1) Gallery Page. I have created a Gallery Page. At this stage, I have also created some draft gallery posts.

    Once those gallery posts have been published. I would like to add them to the Gallery Page.

    Each gallery post I would like to show: Post Title, First image only, in a medium size, clickable directly to that post.

    Is it possible to do this? How, please?

    2) Red Bubble. I have a Red Bubble sales site. One of the features I like about it is that one’s images can be shown thereon as either a greeting card, a matted print, a framed print, and so on.

    I would like to create a Red Bubble Page showing just a few of my images, in the format I’d like them to be displayed, ie as a greeting card, matted print etc.

    For example, this is the link that renders one of my blog posts as a greeting card: http://ih2.redbubble.net/image.12841452.7095/papergc,441×415,w,ffffff.2u1.jpg. The size is a 441px wide image. All the info. after 7095/ to before the .jpg relates to image rendering.

    I don’t know what language the Red Bubble site uses, but it is quite different from anything I’ve seen elsewhere.

    For instance, on my Red Bubble Profile page, the home page in other words, to get the above URL info to show as a greeting card, I have to input that URL information between exclamation marks, eg !http://ih2.redbubble.net/image.12841452.7095/papergc,441×415,w,ffffff.2u1.jpg! For bolded text, the text is input between asterisks. For underscored text, between the keyboard’s underscore. And so on.

    It is also possible to make that URL information clickable, of course, that would then take you directly to the portfolio page for that image, so that you can order it. I’d have to look up the instructions on how to do that, but I do know it’s not difficult.

    Is it possible to create such a page in my Duotone theme?

    3) Duotone Home Page. I would like to create a home page just like the Avid theme. What I would like to do is create a Gallery post of, say, six images, and use that as the home page, with each image clickable directly to that post. I would also then like to be able to update the home page with a different gallery post, to ring frequent changes. The only other items I would wish to see on that page is my blog’s name and tagline, with the tabs for the Pages, eg Archive, Gallery, Inspiration etc.

    Is it possible to do this?

    Thanks, in advance, for your assistance and advices.

    The blog I need help with is jmnartsy.com.



    2) not technically, no, but you can use a Custom Menu to link directly to your RedBubble page.



    Re item 3), I forgot to add that I would also like to see, as a Footer, the RSS button with Blog at WordPress info. etc, as well as social network icons for my Google+ profile and Red Bubble profile, and the Search field.



    Thanks, raincoaster. Since your reply, I put on my thinking cap and have finalised my Inspiration page, which I think looks good.

    For my Gallery Page, I have half finished it, and have done/will do the following:

    a) Title and Image to be clickable directly to that Gallery slideshow post. So far, it works!

    For my Red Bubble Page, I will do something similar, although instead of rendering the item as a greeting card etc, it will simply be the image, hyperlinked to the portfolio item. The page will look much like my Gallery Page.

    Re a Home Page, well, I think I may make this as a Suggestion for the theme. I have seen some Duotone professional business websites that looked quite wonderful. My idea shouldn’t be that difficult to produce and perhaps be an option for an Upgrade, for a fee.

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