Duotone – prevent activation of “horizontal” layout (always default to vertical)

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    I’ve been using the Duotone wordpress.com theme for more than a month now. It’s been performing well until a few days ago, when all the new posts that I publish were activating the horizontal layout scheme instead of the normal, vertical layout scheme. How/when does the theme know to activate the horizontal layout, and more importantly, how do I disable it?

    I’ve always scaled my pictures to 510px width (upon upload of original photos, which were usually 1024px wide), and I haven’t changed how I upload and edited them. It started happening on January 27th, 2010, if that’s any help.

    Should I instead be contacting the wordpress.com staff directly?

    The blog I need help with is nickjyc.wordpress.com.




    Yeah, I know where the support link is. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem and/or knew the solution to the horizontal vs vertical layout problem.



    I can’t give you any more help without looking at the blog, and it appears to be private. Do you mean how do you get colour along the sides? It’s a strange issue with both Monotone and Duotone that I haven’t been able to pin down.


    Normally (if you can call anything in these two themes normal) you don’t colour along the sides if the uploaded image is wider than 800px.



    BUT…sometimes I’ve uploaded an image larger than that and it does have colour along the sides. And sometimes I’ve uploaded a smaller image and it doesn’t have colour along the sides. They are really touchy themes and I can’t pin down what it is that’s setting off one vs the other.



    @rain: Now compare this:

    with this:

    Santa (color all around) is 800, Flanders (no color along the sides) is 886: both in accordance with what I mentioned above.



    Ah, that makes sense. ALL the issues I’ve been having with both themes appear to apply to resized images. Thanks for the clarification.


    You’re welcome! (I suppose you mean resized after uploading. My 800px limit refers to the actual files you upload.)



    Unfortunately, it’s more complicated than that. I use an online image editor called Picnik and while I love it, when I resize using it, and upload the resultant image, somehow the theme seems to realize the image has been resized even though it’s only ever seen the larger image. Wish I knew how that worked.

    See here:
    Where the image busts out on the right.

    This one hasn’t been resized at all, is 500 px wide, and still has no frame on the sides:

    I just don’t get it.


    Whoa! Never seen that before – at least not in Monotone. (I’m talking about Kermit; the other one is ok, it’s just black on black.)

    Yeah, there’s somethingg weird going on. I open this:
    and get a 936px wide image. I copy to desktop and get a 650px wide one.

    But I’m not familiar with Picnik. Is is a free application?


    Weirder still: when I first pasted the above link in Safari, it was 936; paste again, 650! I don’t get it either. Got to go to work now – will return to this when I get back.




    It’s weird that you get a wider image in Safari… I gotta check that, but in Fx, the image is 650px wide… interesting.


    One of the things I will never understand is why wordpress adds querystrings to images ( ?w=xxx&foo=bar, for instance). The source value of your image tag has this:


    Edit that part by removing the “?w=560” then the theme should adjust for that image. Currently, the container for that specific image is 560 wide… so I bet that qs is confusing the theme.

    Try removing that and see if that fixes you issue.



    Thanks. I did that when I moved the blog over to the new server. I edited every single one of the images on that blog. UGH. But it looks like the independent WP is screwing with the images just the way WP.com does.

    Yes, Picnik is a free online app: http://www.picnik.com/ which I love. Sure hope I can figure out how to keep using it, as I have no graphics program on this new laptop.



    I tried removing the ?w=560 and there’s no change. Because when I look at the code, it’s not there. I removed both height and width attributes, and this is what the code looks like in the Edit box:

    <p align="center"><img class="size-full wp-image-798" title="Kermit is Kermispated" src="http://lolebrity.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Kermit-is-Kermispated.jpg" alt="Kermit sez it ain't easy being green" /></p>



    Forgot to say that if the theme “requires” a qs in the image, then change the value to 650.



    weird… this is what it looks in the source:

    <img src="http://lolebrity.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Kermit-is-Kermispated.jpg?w=560" class="size-full wp-image-798" title="Kermit is Kermispated"   alt="Kermit sez it ain't easy being green"    />


    Try “forcing” the width then by changing/adding the qs with a 650 value.



    Ah, okay. Thanks. Will give it a go.

    Nope. No change. Should I add ?w=650 AND the width and height parameters at the end of the code?

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