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Duotone - prevent activation of "horizontal" layout (always default to vertical)

  1. @rain: I think I pinned it down (and Picnik is probably innocent).

    Like Monotone, selecting size option, changing width, etc., have no effect. The theme bg is confined to 840px wide, so above that you get downsizing and no color along the sides. If the image is less than but close to 840, you only get two very narrow strips of course, so my original 800px suggestion is a good limit. So what's the problem? Some smart guy set it so that you don't get the sides if the width or the height of the uploadeed file is above 840!

    For the sake of others who might read this, I'm also reminding that for a centered image you need to set the alignment to None before inserting.

  2. PS I'll send a ticket re this.

  3. I thought I'd better run a few more tests before sending the ticket, and it turns out I hadn'd pinned it down after all... So here's what happens (in both Monotone and Duotone): 840 is the limit for landscape-shaped images only; for square or portrait-shaped ones it's 560!

    So, for a decent border along the sides, my suggestion is resize images (before uploading) to no wider than 800px if landscape-shaped, to no wider than 520px if square or portrait-shaped.

  4. AHA! Now I don't feel so guilty about diverting this into a discussion of an independently-hosted blog. That is useful to EVERYONE.

    Much, much appreciated, guys.

  5. @rain: That's the whole point of the forum, isn't it?

    (And once you publish some new posts, please let me know if my suggestion is confirmed.)

  6. I got a new one up. Didn't resize it at all, it's been 500 px all the way through. I'll use picnik to resize another one later tonight and test.

  7. I think it's a bug in the downloaded version of duotone. The width passed in the querystring tells the theme to resize the image to 560px (that's why the use of GD).

    I uploaded a photo, which is 683px wide, to one of my hosted blogs and duotone resized it to 560... so yeah, the logic the programmer used was that if an image's height was greater than its width, use 560, else use 840... and if that's not working on your blog, it's possible because of a bug.

    You might want to email the creator and bring this to his attention, he might have a better idea of why that's happening and help you as he did the OP.

  8. I'm using Monotone on that blog, because if I use Duotone, the entire thing goes haywire and none of the images display. The Duotone theme is essentially unusable on external blogs without major, major overhaul.

  9. Please don't post the same question THREE TIMES.

  10. Ugh, I can't seem to get this image to resize at ALL.

    I took out all the class code from the image (since it was "full size") and added the ?w=550 and nada, nothing happened. And then I just went to the visual editor and dragged the corners and nada.

  11. No, don't remove or add any part of the code and don't drag: in Monotone and Duotone no size option has any effect. Grab this (500px wide):

    By the way, this busting out is something I haven't ever been able to reproduce in my tests blog.

  12. Is your test blog hosted at Because that version of Lolebrity is not. I never had that issue when the blog was hosted here.

  13. Works beautifully, thanks! So I'll try resizing via picnik again for tomorrow.

  14. "Is your test blog hosted at Because that version of Lolebrity is not." Yes, mine is a one, and that explains it, I guess...

    There may be yet another quirk, so could you please do me a favor: publish a new post with the copy I gave you and see if the result will be the same.

  15. You mean the same image? I inserted it into my old post and it centered and has borders on each side.

    The new post is identical:

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Hugh Jackman roller man"]<img alt="Hugh Jackman roller man" src="" title="Hugh Jackman roller man" width="500" height="958" />[/caption]

    Interesting: the other post, the real one, has stripped out caption code and width and height codes, but there is no difference at all in what's displayed.

  16. Ok thanks!

  17. I'm using Monotone on that blog

    Okay. My suggestion still stands, though, because he may be able to shed some light and tell if this is actually a bug or a server thing. For instance, if you upload your Kermit picture to your hosted blog, and add the qs to the end of the image, for instance ?w=400, the width of the image will get resized to 400px even though its actual width is 650, whereas if you do this on a self-hosted blog, the qs won't affect the image whatsoever....

  18. Okay, I will pass it along.

  19. Very odd: on some old photos, they're busting out on the right-hand side and I delete them, upload the exact same image, the exact same size, with a slightly different name and POOF! they work suddenly. It's very peculiar.

  20. the exact same size, with a slightly different name and POOF! they work suddenly.

    What name did your images have? I mean, what did you originally named them and what is the slightly changed name? Maybe there's something in the name that the software doesn't like? Maybe you can test this by uploading an image with a "bad" name and then, without deleting it, upload one with a "good" name to see if you get the same results.

  21. Will do and report back.

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