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Dupication Blog Names

  1. moonreflectionsblog

    I seem to have 2 blogs with the same name: Laura's Toronto. If I delete the second one, then it looks like I will also delete the name of the first one. what do I do?
    Blog url:

  2. Blog Names AKA Site Titles and/or optional Taglines can be changed at any time here > General Settings

    However, if you want to change a Blog Address ie. the URL starting with http:// that's different. Assuming the blog address you want is available, you can change it by using these instructions, > changing a blog address >

    Or if what you want to do is purchase your own domain and then it does not matter what the underlying blg URL is >

  3. Don't delete anything -

    A blog or web site has to have a unique URL - no duplicates are allowed - are you asking about the URL or the title to a blog? The Title can be changed from your dashboard >> Settings >> General

    Please paste the URL of both blogs you are asking about - spelling differences of one letter is a common area of confusion

    You can also set the extra blog to Private until you decide what you want to use if for or use it as a practice blog

  4. moonreflectionsblog

    Thanks a lot. All the responses were very helpful. I am now off and running.

  5. You're welcome and best wishes.

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