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    It appears I have two wordpress blogs. How can I close one of them? When I log into wordpress, an old them appears that, I guess I opened a while back. I recently purchased a theme and installed it on wordpress and blue host is hosting it. Not quite sure how I did this, but I would like to close or eliminate the first wordpress account I have. How do I do this? The one I would like to remove/close/eliminate is visions captured.wordpress.com.

    The blog I need help with is visionscaptured.wordpress.com.



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    If you want to permanently delete your site, please follow this guide:

    Please read the warnings and advice before deleting a site, as we can’t revert a site deletion for any reason.

    If you want to hide your site instead, you can use the following guide to make your site private so only you and other members of the site can view it when logged in:

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