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Duplicate blog address

  1. I created a second blog "" when i go to my blogs there are 2 blogs with that blog address. I want to erase one of them but i am concerned that will cause problems for the one I want to keep, being that it says if you erase a blog that that address is forever unavailable. how do I resolve this?
    Blog url:

  2. Don't delete anything - you probably have a spelling error - you can't have two blogs with exactly the same URL - flat just won't work - once you decide on what blog to use - set the extra one to Private and use it for learning and testing - and who knows you might find a use for the second name some time

  3. I currently only see one blog on your account: was deleted a few minutes ago.

  4. I double checked, both of the blog addresses were and both were visible in my dashboard so i had the unexplained address and two additional blogs with the above address. I clicked on both separately and deleted them which sent two separate confirm links to my email. one said there was an error the other confirmed the deletion. now when I go to my dashboard I have only two blog addresses, the unexplained review blog, and only one of the which i can click on and it tells me that address i forever gone, which is fine, but it still shows in my blog list.

  5. seems to be fine now. Were you able to resolve the issue?

  6. If i click on the link for adriancastilloart it does direct me the page where it tells me its been deleted but it still shows up in my blogs list.

  7. Will you please post screenshots and upload them into your media library so Staff can examine them?

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