Why is a duplicate blog name listed?

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    I set up ideasjamaican.com a few months ago and more recently I decided to set up another blog saloninnovation.net under the original blog. When I go to the My Blogs menu, I see ideasjamaican and saloninnovation twice. I did not see a double charge when I set it up but now I appear to have a duplicate although when I look at the settings, there seems to be some differences. I want to see just one blog listed with saloninnovation
    Blog url: http://ideasjamaican.wordpress.com/



    It looks like you have both http://saloninnovation.wordpress.com/ and http://saloninnovationdotnet.wordpress.com/ which is actually what http://saloninnovation.net/ is mapped to. There are no duplicate charges to be worried about.


    Thanks for your response. I did go into both blogs and when I got to the domain section on the dashboard, I saw that that was the problem. I am not sure what I did differently this time because it did not happen when I registered the other blog as a dotcom. Anyway I do think that I need to delete one because I can see it leading to confusion unless there is some benefit to keeping both that I could be advised of. I would also appreciate the pros and cons of registering a dotcom / dotnet blog which I was advised to do by a blog that I was reading and also to have it hosted by a different server. Something to do with being able to own my own content. Thanks



    You own your content, no matter where you are.

    If you’re referring to the differences between .com and .org, see this: http://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

    As for the redundant blog, you can delete it following this guide: http://en.support.wordpress.com/delete-site/


    I have decided to make one of them private instead of deleting it, which will give me the option in the future to change my mind if I so desired. Thanks again.

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