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    Sometimes I just like to reply to a comment on an article by saying “Thank You”. However if I try to say “Thank You” twice on the same article WordPress gives me a message saying I’ve already said that, or words to that effect.

    I know I’ve already said that and i want to say it again and if needs be again, so why won’t WordPress let me say what I want to say.

    Is there a way to turn off duplicate comment checking? Any help would be appreciated…

    The blog I need help with is mikehardisty.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,
    We can’t turn that feature off. I just vary it a bit by saying.
    Thank you
    I appreciate that
    Thanks so much
    Thank you so much



    Thanks for the quick answer….



    I know it wasn’t the one you hoped for so thanks for being gracious.



    I have just started running into this the past couple days. Have I really been that original and unique on all my responses for the past 5 months and am just now getting lazy enough to want to say a plain old “thank you” to more than one person on a post? Maybe. But I don’t know why that would be a bad thing or why this functionality would be needed; I’d vote for making it optional. No need to reply to this comment unless/until there’s something new to share. Thank you. Thanks. Thanks much. :-)

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