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Duplicate content

  1. i have a blog with somme articles and links going to some client pages, also i have pages under categories where the same article has been used but with additional materials with it, on those pages there are links going to the same client pages. I have done this maybe 5 or 6 times with seperate articles. Does that count as duplicate content in the eyes of google?

  2. Could we have some examples? With direct URLs starting with http? It will depend.

    This is where I have put all articles in one 'main' blog then seperate pages in links. for instance the first article named 'Paper Shredding' 2nd article listed on the blog, is the same article i have used on the link named 'document security'. I know that is is a bit pointless having this but I ultimatley wanted to list more articles on that page 'document security' but at the moment that article is the only one on the page. It will make its self apparent if you could have a check.

  4. It will definitely hurt your page rank when Google
    updates the page rank again which is about every 6 months
    but during that time frame Google measures how relative
    your blog is. So in the long run if you have duplicate
    content Google won't find your articles very resourceful.

  5. ok thakns for reply. my blogs not so useful to many people anyhow as you might have guessed. Do you know if its possible to block certain pages from google spiders. like not the main blog page that would be good if google finds that, but doesnt crawl through the rest of the pages. so it only looks at the first page nothing else? Setup a .htaccess type of file? I have had a look in FAQ's but couldn't really find a relevant FAQ.
    again thanks

  6. If you would like to help your readers find old posts
    easier since they will get buried every time you make a new post
    I recommend setting up a page & manually add hyper links
    to your posts. Here is a example » Post Index « Teck~Line


  7. Here at we don't have access to the under laying files
    because this is a Multi User platform so every one that has the same
    theme as you share those under laying files & if something was changed
    it would screw up other peoples blogs that are sharing the same theme
    as you.

  8. Cheers Tech,
    Ill rearrange some stuff.

  9. you're welcome! neilosjay, :)

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