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    I have a problem with a duplicate email address on my blog. Recently, the email address on my user info changed to dupe-2-(email address).

    I thought that it might have had something to do with me, because I recently created a standalone wordpress.org blog and created an account on that blog using the same email address that my wordpress.com blog user does (though I thought that account would be just isolated to my wordpress.org blog??).

    Now, assuming it was my fault I changed the email address on my wordpress.org blog to something entirely different. However, it’s not cleared up my problem here. Under my user detials I am still dupe-2-(email address), and attempting to change it back does not work (it says it’s saved the changes, but nothing changes and I still keep getting prompted to change my email address to something different).

    I wondered too whether this is contributing to my frequent designation of Askimet-non-grata (i.e. I’m yet again spam, even on my own blog).

    So, did I cause this problem? And in either case, is it possible to get around it?





    Maybe you are not changing the email address in the correct place. You cannot change it here -> Users -> Your Profile.

    The correct place to change it is here -> Options (scroll down)
    E-mail address:
    This address is used only for admin purposes. If you change this we will send you an email at your new address to confirm it. The new address will not become active until confirmed.
    Click “update Options” to save.




    Thanks, but it is correct in Options, only incorrect in Uers / Profile. Also, I get told everytime somebody comments, and of course to other WordPress bloggers I look like dupe-2-(email address)


    I ad similar problems, in the end i had to email support and they changed my email for me. No idea what was going on, but i suggest you use the support button on the front page and ask for help. Save pulling your hair out for 4 days like i did (and i have the bald patch to proove it :P)



    The email sent to you for confirmation is sent for security purposes so someone else cannot change your address on your behalf. Did you receive the email and click the link in it? The new address will not become active until confirmed. Until you do so the email address will not be changed on the “Your Profile” page.

    If you cannot locate the email then I agree with tiamatsdisciple that you will have to send in a feedback and ask for staff help.


    Yeah in my case for some reason it wasnt sending the email. Mark was really quick to fix it though.



    I guess I’ll email support then, thanks. The email/confirmation was done quite a while ago, it was only recently that the complaining started, possibly due to the wordpress.org blog mentioned above, though I am not clear on that point…



    Be sure to include as much info as possible in your feedback to staff.

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