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    I’m using Bueno as my theme, and because I write a cooking blog I like to put an image of the finished recipe at the top of my posts. Whenever I use that top image as my featured image, it shows both images, one after the other, on my homepage, but not on the post itself. How can I fix this?

    The blog I need help with is freshbeatsfresheats.wordpress.com.



    Don’t also insert the image into the post when you set the featured image.


    Well that’s the problem, if I don’t insert it into the post then a reader won’t see the finished product at the top when they’re reading it. Is there no way to have the image at the top of the post and have it as the featured image?



    A featured image in Bueno is supposed to be a decoration for the main posts page and for the Bueno Featured Posts widget, not a part of the actual content of the post. Since you want the “finished product” at the top of each post, and since you’re not using the BFP widget, why set a featured image? Insert the image as a regular image, without setting it as a featured image.


    Mainly because I’d like for the images to show on the right-hand side side in the top posts and pages widget. Without the featured image it just shows as text.


    And I assume it might show up as just text if it’s linked from other sites as well, without a featured image



    I see. Unfortunately you can’t have everything: that’s the way Bueno is designed, and you cannot change it without the Custom Design upgrade.


    Hm. Well that’s disappointing. Can you recommend a theme that would be closer to what I want?



    Dusk to Dawn, Inuit Types, iTheme2, Reddle, Skeptical, Structure.


    I’ll take a look at them. Thanks!

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