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Duplicate Home Pages Here on

  1. All,

    Have several sites here at and have that problem with duplicate Home pages, where you can not see the first one, which must be deleted, as it requires posts, but I have a static HOME front-page and went through the process to set it under "Reading" and set my Posts page elsewhere. All the HOWTOs on this say the code must be modified to fix this and that would mean I need FTP to my pages here, but I can not find anyway to turn that on.

    Has anyone solved this problem here, by either showing how to FTP and edit source here or by another work around?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. All the HOWTOs on this say the code must be modified to fix this and that would mean I need FTP to my pages here, but I can not find anyway to turn that on.

    We do not have FTP access here on Those instructions must relate to self-hosted WordPress installs.

    Did you try looking in the Support Docs? This is what I found when I searched for "duplicate home pages"

    And I strongly recommend that you change the link associated with your username to at least your primary blog. It will save time for us volunteers here in the forums.

  3. JJ,

    That HOWTO is what I was referring to when I said "went through the process to set it under "Reading" and set my Posts page elsewhere", Obviously that does not address the problem at all.

    So got any other tricks?



  4. Please post an active link starting with http:// for the blog in question. Also note that there is no FTP access to free hosted blogs at all so instructions you have referred to in the OP apply only to self hosted installs and not to blogs being free hosted by vs. The Differences

  5. So got any other tricks?

    Certainly! If you read through and followed the instructions in the Support doc I linked to above for your blog, you will have also seen this note:

    Note: If this gives you two Home links, you can hide one of the pages.

    And as both tt and I have asked, a link to your blog would be helpful.

  6. JJ,

    The option of "Main page (no parent)" does not exist anywhere on any of my sites.


    The link is:

    It also shows "No Catagories" as a page in the menu and I have no such page. I made no change to this not even the template, as it is the default, and am searching for an acceptable on with a globe as I am migrating this from it's tripod home of and need same or similar look.

    I have none of these problems with the site at:



  7. All,

    I changed the template to "Andrea" and the duplicates went away. Don't like this template, no globe image, and blue is a little too dark.

    Oh none of the options under widget, pages or otherwise suggested are available in any of my sites. The howtos written must be consistent for "ALL" sites to be accurate and followable.



  8. What theme were you using before Andrea?

    The "no categories" in the sidebar is shown because you have no posts and thus you have no categories for wordpress to display. If you remove the categories widget from the sidebar then that will get rid of it. If you are not going to use posts there is no need to have it in the sidebar anyway. If you are going to use posts, then when you publish a post and assign a category to it, the display will change from "no categories" to displaying that category name.

    If you have not yet added any widgets to the sidebar at appearance > widgets, then a sample display of widgets is put up by the theme itself. Just add the other widgets that you want to the sidebar and the sample set (including the categories widget) will disappear.

  9. Titan

  10. TSP,

    On categories, you misuderstand, I do not want that displayed, ever.



  11. @tsp, according to the Google cache, he was using Titan.

    @tbotnik-This was one of the reasons we were asking for a link to your site, to be able to see it and to offer assistance based on what is there.The majority of sites include a dynamic blog page where you can enter Posts/news/stories and keep updating them. However, you've chosen to set up your site based on Pages alone, which is fine, but not the typical site. You might want to read this about the difference between Posts and Pages

    As far as color, you can change it to a lighter blue under Dashboard>Appearance>Background and then using the color selector under Display Options>Color>Select Color.

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