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    Hello whenever I publish a post with photos the first one appears duplicated in the beginning of the post (which usually starts after this picture). I’m using the editor correctly.
    To solve I have to delete the image MIDIA dashboard SECTION. This causes two effects after a while:
    1 – the duplicate disappears but ALSO the ORIGINAL (see example in http://penelopesemijoias.com.br/2011/08/29/blog-da-penelope-vira-aplicativo-para-ipad/). When I return the edition the image is there.
    2 – The customized version for iphone does not display any image as the background of the post.

    Can anyone help? My template (paid) is studioPress lifestyle.

    The blog I need help with is penelopesemijoias.com.br.



    That link goes to an article on your site where the pics do not display for me,. The posts either side look fine.


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    As far as I know, none of us volunteers uses that premium theme so we can’t experiment with it or test any solution to your question.

    My guess is that it might have something to do with your use of “featured images.”

    My computer is having a slow day, but I wonder if your images are very large? Your front page seems to load very slowly, and teamoyenlyl mentioned that your pictures do not display for her. Some pictures on your front page do not load. As I said, I’m having internet connection problems, but possibly the images are timing out.

    Best to find help here:


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    BTW, the link you provided above now goes to a 404 page not found. Did you take it down?


    Thank You. Please see another example in http://penelopesemijoias.com.br/2011/08/25/andy-warhol-em-sp-nao-perca/

    When you return to homepage see the duplicate image.

    Maybe its featured image but how do I solve that ?

    I’m currently reviewing sizes to speed the site.



    Hello there,
    The bottom line here is that your theme is a premium theme and we Volunteers answering questions on this forum have no knowledge of how they are designed to operate. Posting to this forum is not likely to be productive. When you purchased your premium theme what came with that purchase was support directly from the theme designer. Please click this link and post to that forum for theme support. Premium Themes Forum link.


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    I’m sorry, but featured images act in many different ways, and because I can’t experiment with this theme I don’t know how to help.
    I don’t think this will help, but maybe:
    Or more likely this could give you an idea:

    As for image sizes, you should really be compressing and sizing your pictures for the web. You waste image storage space with over large photos, and readers who don’t have fast internet connections won’t wait for (or they will time-out) large files to load.

    As I said, it would be best to use your link to custom themes help.


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    ~~hi timethief
    I forgot to hit the post button (dinner-time here), but you do summarize the problem with us helping with custom themes very well.


    All the images that I load will automatically load Midia Library and Features Images, I think this is the problem. When I delete ALL the pictures of the post (whateverin the Library of the featured images) the problem is solved, but the background images disappear in the Ipad version. I believe it’s configuration and not a theme problem…


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    As far as I know, you do not have to designate an image as a featured post in most themes that offer that option. No featured image, no duplicate In most free themes, you can have the option to choose a featured image or not choose an image..
    But as I have tried to say, we volunteers here can’t experiment with premium themes.
    (even as a moderator, I am only a volunteer and fellow blogger)

    Best to find help here:

    You could also let us know what they sat by posting in this forum again?

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