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    I have installed the “Duplicate Post” plug-in (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/duplicate-post/). However, after duplicating a post, the URL of the post is still http://www.site1.com/category/post (just an example URL; assume site 1 is the site where WordPress is installed), and in this URL I can’t seem to edit anything except “post”, i.e. I can’t edit the rest of the URL. I would like to be able to edit the URL so that the post appears on another site (let’s call it site 2) i.e. so that the URL of the duplicate post would be something like http://www.site2.com/category/post.

    If I can’t do this directly with the Duplicate Post plug-in, can someone explain to me any indirect methods?



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    Never mind, I think I’ve figured it out! Just duplicate posts via the Duplicate Post plug-in to a special WP category in site 1, have this WP category use a template/css that matches site 2’s template/css, and then hide site 1’s URL with site 2’s URL via domain masking. Problem solved until further notice.


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