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duplicate posts

  1. cinemascrotum1

    Im having a irritating problem and I need your help. I recently exported and then imported back the contents of my blog - and now almost every post has been doubled. I try to delete the posts manually but Its very hard and slow and I need a better solution.
    So how can this problem be resolved? I need to delete only the duplicate post and the original to stay intact.
    Fir example this is original:
    and this is the duplicate:

    Please give me advice. Thanks in advance.
    Best regards.

  2. Why would you export your blog and then import it to the same one? Instead of deleting one after the other you can click the check box next to the post you want to delete then use the Bulk Action to delete them all at once.

  3. cinemascrotum1

    Yes of course I did that but I`m talking about nearly 800 posts which now are more than 1200 doubled so you can see that checking every single box will take a lot of time. I ask is there any other way than that.

  4. The best we can do, assuming that you still have your export file, would be to empty the entire blog so that you can re-import the export file (just once this time).

    Emptying the blog cannot be undone, and if you'd like to proceed, just let us know.

  5. cinemascrotum1

    OK, I did It the hard way - by manually checking every single duplicate post and delete It from the dashboard. It took me a while and It was so irritating but I`ve managed to clean my publications and now the blog is as It should be.
    Thanks for your help, you can now delete this topic, my problem is resolved.

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