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Duplicate Posts When Imported From Blogger

  1. When I imported my posts from my Blogger blog it made duplicates of each post. If I delete the duplicate posts then view my blog they are still there. I go back to post moderation and they have reappeared in moderation. Is there any way I can delete all my posts and import from scratch?

  2. im havin the same problem. =[


  3. I just had that happened to me. It seems to be triggered by an incomplete import, which corrupted your Blogger template. Reset it to a good template, and delete the imported posts before starting over again.

  4. I have 300+ duplicated posts. Is there an easy way for me to delete them all, or I have to click delete one by one?

  5. Send in a feedback - I can help.

  6. Having the same problem! I have 600+ duplicated posts coz I've accidentally imported them twice. They just have different timestamps... Can I just start from scratch and import them again?

  7. Best bet would be to send in a feedback to staff on Monday and they can help you out with that for sure.


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