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    Well, After reading around in discussions I found after searching ‘duplicate stickies’ or something, I am concerned. I already don’t have the optimal SEO, due to being on WordPress.com. (And that’s not a complaint. It’s just an observation.) I certainly don’t need Google to kill me. I’ve got a duplicate sticky. Instead of being at the top of my posts, alongside my one other sticky, it’s both there ‘and’ on a deeper page (but not, so far, deep). I figured that I must have unwittingly changed something and saved it differently, the way you do with files, so as to end up with two. Or something like that. I can’t see any difference in the two posts. I figured an easy solution, then, would be to delete the deeper duplicate ‘sticky’. But only one shows up in my list of stickies when I filter for it in ‘Edit Posts’.

    I will delete those posts if I can’t fix the problem any other way, since I don’t want Google to notice. Maybe I’m too late!

    The blog I need help with is arrby.wordpress.com.


    A sticky post shouldn’t show up in a deeper page as well. I’ve only seen that happen with multiple stickies. Try temporarily unstickying the other sticky and see if the Jan 28 one will then disappear from the second page. If so, then perhaps you could merge the two stickies into one?

    I don’t think that counts as duplicate content, though: it’s one and the same post, just showing up in two different dynamic pages because of a malfunction (the same post will show up in your Haiti tag page, your January archive page, etc. – that’s not duplicate content either). Duplicate content would be, say, publishing the same post in two different blogs.



    Thanks pana. I’ll play around with it later today and report back.



    Well, I simply copied and pasted one entire post, adding the core of the other, and then deleted the two stickies, and that seemed to have solved my problem. I have no idea what the problem was. All’s well that ends well I suppose.



    ^ Wow! What a weird thing that was. I’m bookmarking this as a thread of interest. ;)



    I don’t get this at all. I was just using the ‘older’ posts button on my blog, not with any sense of urgency, looking for a post that seems popular to people, when I found my most recent (above) sticky duplicated again. I can’t fathom this at all. And I can’t deal with right now. Not that I have any idea how to. I’ll look at it later. I feel defeated though. I think I’ll probably end up leaving it alone, although I don’t like that it makes me look sloppy.


    Just tested this in my test blog, using several themes: same thing happens with all the themes I tried except ChaoticSoul. So, a) sorry I misled you with the merging thing, b) I think you should report this to staff:




    Stickies are glitchy; I’ve noticed on my Freshy blog that if I set a sticky, no subsequent posts go out on the RSS feed.

    Just to address your first post: WordPress.COM does indeed have kickass SEO. Trust me, I have independent blogs and WP.com blogs and blogspot blogs and Tumblr blogs and plain HTML websites: of them all, WP.com has by far the best SEO. I teach blogging for beginners, and it’s not uncommon for my students to hit the front page of Google for some quite common terms before the end of the first class, and stay there. All with WP.com blogs.

    Most of the advice from professional SEOs is involved in improving the SEO of independently-hosted blogs. Their tips can’t be used here when they’re plugins, etc, but they’re essentially engaged in playing catchup. I swear to god, Google probably has a price on Matt’s head.

    And no, they don’t pay me to say that.



    Thanks Pana. I suppose I should report it.

    That’s encouraging news raincoaster.

    Lose one, win one.



    I feel very bad that I didn’t get back here sooner, especially considering the timely help I get from people here and from WordPress. My apologies.

    The duplicate stickies are not abnormal, according to support staff at WP. They are there in order to retain continuity. I’m surprised that the more experienced WP users here didn’t know that one. Well, Who knows everything? Besides me? ;-)


    Thanks for reporting!

    As for your surprise, I might be wrong but I think this is a recent change (and it doesn’t apply to all themes, as I had already pointed out).

    And, personally, I don’t agree with this: the whole point of a sticky is pulling a certain post out of that “continuity”.



    Yes, I hear you pana. I didn’t say anything, but was sort of wondering about that. You’ve been around here longer, so I’ll hide behind your criticisms. ;-)

    As I noted in an earlier post about this, I was worried that it made me look sloppy to anyone looking back on my posts. Still, It’s a quibble. I’m very, very happy with what WP has given me – for free. Maybe one day I’ll be able to find a substantial way to say thanks.


    Agree with “sloppy”: if a sticky is, say, a special announcement, it doesn’t look ok to see that announcement again on the second or third page of the blog.

    Agree with “quibble” (and rationale) too: my attitude is that I welcome improvements but I’m always content with what we’ve got at any given moment, since we’re talking about a free service, and a very good one at that.

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