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    I recently signed up to Webmaster Tools to try and solve the problem of my drastic fall in the google rankings. Shown below are the errors which were uncovered due to my duplicate title tagging. Please can you tell me how I can rectify this as I have no idea where to start!

    Wonderful Websites « twentyfirstcenturyretro
    ‎/category/wonderful-websites/‎‎/category/wonderful-websites/page/2/‎ 2
    March « 2009 « twentyfirstcenturyretro
    ‎/2009/03/‎‎/2009/03/page/5/‎‎/2009/03/page/6/‎ 3
    Twenty First Century Retro
    ‎/‎‎/page/2/‎ 2
    April « 2009 « twentyfirstcenturyretro
    ‎/2009/04/‎‎/2009/04/page/6/‎‎/2009/04/page/7/‎ 3
    Ebay Picks « twentyfirstcenturyretro
    ‎/category/ebay-picks/page/6/‎‎/category/ebay-picks/page/7/‎ 2

    Many Thanks


    The blog I need help with is twentyfirstcenturyretro.com.


    Wow, I’ve never seen that before and what little I could check by going to your categories with the problem doesn’t shed any clues.

    Contact staff directly at http://support.wordpress.com/contact/ and include all the details.


    A lot of times those “duplicate tag” errors are because Google is crawling your archive links, and everything there may be tagged similarly. If that’s the “problem” you can safely ignore it.

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