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duplicate 'widgets' two columns of same widgets

  1. Hi,
    i am really new to wordpress, bought a domain and tired to make a blog but as i was not sure of how to add widgets to right side of panel i probably added it several times. now i have the Pages column twice.
    i cleared cookies and cache on Mozilla but i still cant get rid of it so i cant move on any further as its annoying me to see that mess.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All widgets are accessed here > Appearance > Widgets. Your theme has unique features and is highly customizable. To understand how it's designed and how to use it you can read and

  3. thanks a lot timethief but this isnt something about the theme design as i checked all blogs with this theme. As you can see on my website the Pages with two subpages (About and New Page) is repeated twice next to each other. This isnt a theme design - i suspect its something to do with when i was trying to add Pages widget and didnt know how to do it so i kept repeating it.

  4. All you need to do is to drag the duplicate widgets out of the area of the sidebar where you don't want them, and drag them down to the bottom of the widget page where you can put them without losing their settings. Then click 'save' on the widget area for the sidebar whose settings you want to keep.

    But Timethief is quite correct that you need to look at how this theme is used because, regardless of how others use it, it is very different in its workings from other themes and it will help you to understand how to use it to its best potential.

    Advice given on these forums is given mostly by experienced volunteers (staff come by to solve problems that we can't tackle) and Timethief is one of the most experienced volunteers here and knows what she's talking about. At least take a look at the links she gave before dismissing them. :)

  5. This is something about the theme design. TMA has two sidebars, you have added widgets to the Primary Sidebar, and you have added no widgets to the Secondary sidebar, so the theme displays its own default sidebar items, which happen to be Recent Posts and Pages. To remove those you need to add something to the Secondary sidebar, and maybe reconsider which widgets go where.

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