Duplicated comments after LiveJournal import

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    I used the new LiveJournal Import to migrate my nine year old account from LJ. It took overnight and several retries, but it’s worked and everything’s moved over.

    Unfortunately, the last step, of fixing threading, seems to have messed up. I now have two copies of each comment! I was watching the import process and did not see any duplication right until the end.

    Is this a known bug?

    The blog I need help with is kiranjonna.wordpress.com.



    Just discovered some comments have migrated across posts. I guess I need to delete everything and rerun the importer again.



    We can’t help you without a link to your WordPress.com blog, and the link attached to your name is not a WP.com blog. Perhaps you need to be at WordPress.ORG.



    My wordpress blog is http://kiranjonna.wordpress.com/

    Sorry for taking so long to get back. I didn’t receive notice of a comment on this post, and couldn’t find the post again today until I looked up Google. Surely there has to be an easy way to go back to one’s own forum posts?


    When in the forum, click on your username in the light blue bar at the top of the forum and you will see a list of the threads you have started, or replied to.

    As far as your problem, it might be best to contact staff directly: http://support.wordpress.com/contact/ .

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