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duplicated pages

  1. I've created a blog (Li e Gostei - and i connect to him 4 pages (Principal - Autor do Mês - As nossas sugestões - Top das BMO). When i tried to creat another page, the 5th, i don't see any problem. But when i publish it (As escolhas de...) the page that is displaied is the blog page (Li e Gostei). Soo the blog page is duplicated in "Li e Gostei" and "As escolhas de..." Can anyone help me solve this problem? WordPress have a limit of pages that we can creat? Thank you in advance.

  2. Dang, that is strange. Haven't seen that before. WordPress doesn't have a limit to the pages that can be created.

    What the poster has done is created a static page for hir or her home page and then put hir or her posts within a Page like they would normally do. But Posts are showing up under two seperate Pages.

    I also note that your header image isn't actually linking back to your home page either which is another issue.

    I'll send in a Feedback and see if we can get a staff member to look at this.

  3. We are having some problems rght now which are almost certainly the cause. These issues are being investigated right now - honestly - and we'll get them fixed as soon as we can.

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