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    Am adopting the Twenty Ten theme for my blog http://twentyfirstcenturyzeitgeist.wordpress.com.

    In the dashboard’s Appearance section a “Secondary Widget Area” is shown and described as “optional”. It contains exactly the same six items as the “Primary Widget Area” so obviously I don’t need this duplication in the sidebar. Yet there seems to be no way of deleting this “optional” Secondary Area. How can I hide it please?

    The blog I need help with is shapersofthe80s.com.



    Since your site is Private, I can’t see what is going on.

    Try dragging an empty text widget to the secondary sidebar.



    Well what’s provided is the default dahsboard setup for Twenty Ten. Funnily enough when I dragged a seventh widget into the Secondary Area, all the other widgets vanished. And so did most of the widgets allotted by default to the Primary Area. I am proceeding by sheer guesswork…

    I’ve no idea what a “menu” is for in the Appearance sidebar and your support pages are completely opaque on explaining why we need one or where it would make itself visible! I’ve lived without one on my main blog for four years, and haven’t missed it :-)

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