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    Hi – I have searched the forum and support for a long while searching for an answer so hopefully I’m not asking something someone has already asked..

    I am about to create a fairly big website/blog for a friend’s safari company – about 120 pages in total!

    This first site will be in English, but then he also wants it to be available in French, Spanish, Italian, Russian….we have all the perfect fluent translations ready, and so don’t need/want to use a translation service.

    This has stumped me somewhat. My newest idea is this – is it possible? Once I’ve finished the English site to ‘pefection’ (if there is such a thing) could I create a new domain (eg kingsafarifrench or kingsafarispanish) then duplicate the ENTIRE English site to each new domain, complete with all navigation etc? I would then happily sit and copy/paste each page’s text into the appropriate language.

    For blog/news stories, he is aware that he would have to do this manually in each domain.

    I plan to ‘map’ our existing domain http://www.kingsafaridahab.com to kingsafari.wordpress.com and would add some flag images on the home page to link through to the other language domains. Would this all work, or am I insane!? Stumped for another option..!

    (I know I could use wp.org with the qTranslate plugin but this looks complicated!)

    Any advice or ideas very much appreciated.

    XX Rosie



    I’m not averse to complicated things by the way! Sure I could work out how to install wordpress.org eventually, but time is short and the pressure is on…!


    The only way to do this at wordpress.COM would be to set up separate blogs for each language, which would mean separate URLs and domain mapping for each blog. You could then either put links in the top navigation to the other language sites, or you could put them in the sidebar with images or text links.

    Depending on how many languages you have, this could get expensive (5 domains and 5 domain mappings).

    My suggestion for multiple languages is to always do them as subdomains:


    This way they all benefit from the SEO of each other.

    I’m not sure whether you can map multiple subdomains of a single TLD (top level domain) to different blogs here. That is something that staff would have to answer.

    Self-hosting this might be the better way to go and then set up wordpress as a “multi-site installation where you can have multiple blogs running off the same single wordpress installation.



    Thanks for this thesacredpath.
    I am happy to set up blogs for each language, but since my site is quite large with many pages (not many posts but MANY pages) my question was:
    Can I COPY the entire site into another blog to save me creating every page again from scratch?
    Cheers again, everything you said was very useful..



    You can Export from one site and Import into another site. Everything should transfer, Posts, Pages and Comments. The Theme set-up will not however. Not sure if you can copy the Theme set-up if you are on your own server or not.

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