Dusk to Dawn: Space Upgrade requirement?

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    Dusk to Dawn question

    This theme is lovely, dramatic, and attractive. I am interested in using it, but I notice in the description of it this sentence:

    Note: You’ll need the Space Upgrade for your blog in order to upload audio files.

    Is this something particularly to Dusk to Dawn? Why What is missing that one would need the Space Upgrade for uploading audio files?

    I don’t want to switch to Dusk to Dawn until I know what’s going on with that issue.


    The blog I need help with is raven500.wordpress.com.



    Hi. First of all, for the sake of clarity, this is the full description:

    Post Formats
    Dusk To Dawn comes with support for some post formats including aside, gallery, image, quote, link, chat, and audio.

    Note: You’ll need the Space Upgrade for your blog in order to upload audio files.

    (Emphasis mine)

    In other words, like many themes, Dusk to Dawn offers different post formats, but to be able to use the audio format, you need to be able to upload your audio file to WordPress.com. To be able to upload audio files, you need a space upgrade, as it is the case for every single theme.



    AirOdyssey thanks for this information. Just to make sure: I am assuming that an audio file is one that has just someone’s voice in it, or music. Would I be right in thinking this?

    And if so, then maybe Dusk To Dawn is not meant for me, since I do not want to have to pay for a space upgrade in order to use it with audio files.

    Too bad because this is a lovely theme. I love the colors.



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    But you can still have music or other audio on your site with that theme:

    Upload an mp3 file somewhere on the internet and link to it using our audio shortcode (if you have found a mp3 file elsewhere, simply grab its URL).

    It just means that the “audio format” can’t be used. The bells and whistles of the audio format. You can still have sounds in your posts.


    This a confusion that WP apparently likes to cultivate, for obvious reasons. Uploading and inserting are two different things. Uploading files to your blog means storing them in the space WP provides. You need the Space upgrade to upload audio files to your blog, but as Tess explained, you don’t need it to insert audio files in a post: you can upload them to a free file hosting site instead.

    As fir Dusk to Dawn, you don’t need to buy the Space Upgrade to use the theme, you don’t need to insert audio to use the theme, you don’t need to use the audio post format if you insert audio, and you can use the audio post format without the Space upgrade: it’s just that if you use the audio post format and have the Space upgrade, you get a different audio player than the regular WP audio player.



    Dear Panos, thank you for this reply.

    I think that WP should clarify what they tell us users. What they lose in revenue from the upgrades they gain in our trust and continued loyalty to this platform and revenue from other areas.






    @lorna: Thank you for your reply. I’ll add it to a recent post of mine, if you don’t mind.



    Panos, of course I don’t mind. Use it!

    WP users should be given the full range of options, with explanations of all of them. No one should feel that the only way forward is to buy a feature or service when in fact there are other cost-free options.


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