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    My front page is my home page and it is selected as a static page. It is also uses the Showcase Template. Is there any way to get blog posts to only show up on my blog page? Or do they always show up on the home page?

    The blog I need help with is keanenutrition.wordpress.com.


    Set a static front page, but do not set that page as a “showcase” page.


    I was just going to post that I finally figured that out. The showcase template is designed to show the latest blog post on that page and I just didn’t understand that. None of my other static pages show blog posts so why not make my front page be just like them?

    However, I’m so dumb I just figured out where that lovely big pic of the flower on the Duster info page came from. I kept thinking it was suppose to be the header or something. When I made a blog post my featured post and gave the post a featured image, presto-the pic turned up on my showcase page and I still had my header! Alleluia! (I can say that until Wed)

    So I’m going to keep the showcase page and write a post that is a short intro to the blog page and then give that post a nice large featured image. Then it will serve as an intro to my blog on both pages and make the front page look cooler with the big pic. Finally I understand what they were trying to explain about the showcase template and what made it special!

    But thanks anyway. I appreciate the answer. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I know nothing about web pages.


    You are welcome, and you are not dumb. Duster is tripping up a lot of people. I had to play with it for half an hour to figure out exactly what it did and how to get it to do it.



    Perhaps im one of this dumb people to, because i’ve been trying to figure this out and Im still having problems. All i want is to have my home page as the feature page so the page resembles the one feature on the duster page instructions.



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