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    Hey y’all. Just started using duster, got the showcase/sticky/featured post thing working, and it’s guh-orgeous, but I’ve noticed that when I mark a post as an “aside” or a “link” (furthermore, I don’t understand the difference between a “link” and an “aside” – if anyone can offer some insight, I’d appreciate that as well) so that they will show up in the ephemera sidebar, the titles for the posts disappear in the category view. (See here for an example of what I’m talking about – scroll down to the second post and you’ll see that the title is missing.)

    Is this supposed to happen, or is this a glitch? If this is supposed to happen, can I like, gather my pitchforks? I really dig the theme, but I’d love for my post titles to be visible on other places on my site besides the showcase page.

    Additionally, the theme showcase mentions that one should be able to pull out quotes to appear in the margins? How does that work?

    Thanks in advance for the help, y’all. :)

    The blog I need help with is digitrash.wordpress.com.



    Aside – These are brief snippets of text that aren’t quite whole blog posts. Useful for quick thoughts and anecdotes http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/post-formats/

    Categories/tags cannot be assigned to Asides. Asides do not have titles and thus have no links to titles as they don’t exist. lol ;)



    I like the theme a lot. I activate it today, but I can see the the pages bar at top. I need help with this. And also the Ephemera post titles disappear.




    Do you see those links I posted above?

    Please click them all and read thevontent. Everything any of us Volunteers may know about that brand new theme aside ftom what’s posted in the announcement made yesterday and in the Themes Gallery will be stated there.


    @mildredmelendezotero, make sure your posts are not set as an “aside” in the post format module in the post editor. It they are set as an aside format, they will not show the post titles, only the content.



    Perhaps I should rephrase my question a bit (for clarity’s sake) – is there a way to get posts to appear in the ephemera without making the post titles disappear?


    mensign, the Ephemera Widget will only display posts that use the Aside or Link post formats — both of which don’t display titles on blog, archive, or search pages. Those two post formats are meant only for shorter posts that don’t warrant titles (though they do show them on individual post pages).

    You can move blockquotes into the margin by adding a class attribute to them in the HTML editor with the following classes, “pull alignleft”, “pull alignright”, or just “pull”.

    I hope that clears things up!

    @timetheif Asides and Links can both have categories and tags assigned to them. In Duster you can see the tags and categories on the single post view. And they do still have titles, though most themes don’t usually show titles for Asides in blog, archive, or search pages.



    Thanks for the clarification! I like the idea of the ephemera, but it’s not gonna do what I want it to. That’s okay :)

    And also, thanks for the class attribution tip. Y’alls are awesome :)



    re: Asides and Links can both have categories and tags assigned to them.
    Thanks for the correction – noted! :)



    umm.. i still didn’t get a clear idea of the ephemera is supposed to do. i really like the theme but i still have to figure out a lot of stuff.. and now after the featured post, only one post shows and just the titles of the next few posts can be seen. i would like to show the excerpts of the posts at least and not just the title. how do i do that?

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