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Duster Problems

  1. Well you are amazing!

  2. A note for you when you come back here. On your body background if you are going to go with the dark grey color, don't use an image. Declare a background color instead such as below. Your page will load much faster with just a color declaration.

    body {
    background-color: #2F2F2F;
  3. Thanks.

  4. Great advice. Thank you.

    One more question for you if you have time:
    If I wanted to create a slide show, similar to a flash slideshow to display as the header, is that possible?

    I've seen it on a few other WordPress sites but can't tell if they or self owned.

    I'm most familiar with Blogger but this is new to me and it is always easier just to ask someone!

  5. You cannot use flash in a header, but if you prepare a animated gif image that is the exact size needed for the header, that will work. Don't include too many images in it though as animated gifs get really large really quickly and it will make your pages load slowly.

  6. Oh, one more. Can you have widgets on the sidebar for static pages or just the post feed page?

    I can't seem to find how to do that. I know I can make a showcase page and any Aside or Link pages will be featured with the Ephemera Widget. But when I do that, I'm getting my most recent post actually posting on my Home Page (static Page) rather than just the link under the Featured Articles (Ephemera Widget) heading. I don't want posts to go on my home page at all. I just thought I might be able to add some widgets to the page if it was the showcase page without having the posts feed to that page as well.

    Is that making sense?

  7. Do you know of a good site to make animated gif images? I'm sure I could search for one.

  8. No, I've never done much with them, but I'm sure that if you do a search you can find either a site online that can do it, or perhaps a freebee program you can download that will do it.

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