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    @kerrymurrayphotography and @dkaysdays

    You can have three kind of featured posts, and all depend on the featured image you have (or lack).

    No image: gives you only text and “continue reading” link.
    Large image: gives you a full featured post with just a title, like http://3dogsanight.wordpress.com/
    Small image: gives you a small excerpt with title on the left, and an image on the right, like http://pedrabrancasurf.wordpress.com/

    Hope this makes sense.



    By Large and Small image do you mean the size of the Uploaded image?

    The image I am using is from my media file. How do I set it so that it is recognized as a small, featured image?

    And what did I do to set it to be a large, featured image?



    @matiasventura: ok, that make sense, but like dkaysdays says, what is “Large” maybe we need specific pixel dimensions… Cos i want what she’s got…

    thanks for your help


    Apologies for the vagueness. A large image is, at the minimum, as big as the header dimensions (1000px width).



    There’s weird stuff going on with mine… maybe I’m not understanding something correctly. The feature image takes over the whole header!


    It’s private, so I need an admin to help me please, Thanks



    nevermind. i get it. sorry. it’s late, i’m tired. :)


    Hi matias… i’m still having problems with this image thing… i uploaded an image that was low res but in excess of 3000 px wide, inserted it into the post as “large” (1024 px, or something like that) but I still get the small image… what am i doing wrong here? The theme showcase is so beautifully tempting but i just cant get mine to do the same…

    Thanks so much for your patience!


    Thanks for letting us know about your issue with the featured post., kerrymurrayphotography. If you give the featured post a another shot you’ll find that your large image is appearing now.


    excellent! themeshaper you just rocked my world! thanks! xx


    p.s. was it something i was doing wrong? just to know for next time…


    Nope. Something Duster was doing wrong. We kicked it into shape for you. :)



    REally love this theme. But I am not understanding how to take advantage of a couple features. What do you mean by “you can have your blog on another page” ??? How do you do that? Is there somewhere to go to get that set of directions?
    I am not HTML savvy, btw.

    Also, what does it mean to “pull” blockquotes and photos into the margins. Sounds cool, but I am clueless.

    Thank you for your help.


    @dkaysdays Check this support document for some directions. You can specify both a Front page and a Posts page.

    In order to achieve the “pull” look you would need to jump into editing your post in the HTML view. You can see an example here: http://dusterdemo.wordpress.com/about/

    Hope this helps you and sets you on the right path.



    Y’all are freakin’ amazing! Thank you!!!!



    By the way, is there any way to have a widget that pulls random posts–as opposed to recent posts– at each visit to the site? My main blog is a family history site, and I would love to have old posts periodically resurface in an “in your face” kind of way. There is a theme that incorporates such a random post widget. But it is not available as a separate widget that I know of.


    Yep! You can craft a link in a text widget with your blog address and “/?random” at the end. It’s super fun. :)




    I tried going to widgets, opening a text widget and after naming it, typing in my address and what you said “/?random”

    Literally. I pressed save and the widget appeared–with my address. then I put my address inside< > and the text disappeared when I saved.

    So I think I need an HTML lesson. *sigh*.
    Is there a support document that would explain crafting a link?



    Hold the phone! I figured it out with a quick google for html stuff.

    This is Super cool stuff. Thanks for your time.



    Hi everyone –

    My featured posts and Ephemera are displaying just fine, but I can’t get the Recent Posts to appear in the right-side area under the featured post (not my left sidebar, but the area that’s a part of the Duster template). Please help!

    I love this theme so much, by the way! I was wondering, is there any way to have something else in that Recent Posts area under my featured post. Could I have the Ephemera feature there inside?


    Sorry, this is for my blog: http://brianandvanessa.wordpress.com.

    Also, is it still not possible to make past posts show up in the Ephemera? I haven’t been able to.

    TIA everyone!

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