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Duster the Theme - listed - but i cant find it.

  1. aloha. on the Support page for Themes >> Custom Header Image (i got there from the new Piano Black post link) - there is a theme called Duster with a header listed as 1000 x 300. i could not find this theme when i looked for it. It was the header dimension i was interested in. i'd like to see what that theme looks like. thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Duster has been replaced with Twenty Eleven. If you have not previously used Duster then it's no longer available for your use. See here please > ad here >

  3. cool and thank you timethief - no i havnt used Duster - the header dimension was mainly why i was interested in looking at it. 2011 isnt on the customizable header list, so that may have changed. i'll take a look anyway. thank you. and wow. yeah. that was fast. cool. aloha.

  4. The Twenty Eleven theme does have custom image headers as a feature.
    The size is 1000×288 pixels.
    Forum threads on Twenty Eleven >

  5. just to finish up - 2011 does say it has a customizable header - altho it's not listed on the Support page with header dimensions. thanks. no problem. aloha.

  6. bwahahahaha - we found the same info and posted at the same time. cool and thanks again timethief. aloha.

  7. oh. one more thing in case it helps. the page i was looking at for header dimensions:

    which doest seem to have 2011 on it. thanks.

  8. Yes you are correct. It appears the support documentation is outdated. The Themes Showcase information does note that Twenty Eleven has a custom menu feature. BTW I know this theme as do many others and that's why I posted the search link to the other Twenty Eleven threads for you.
    Best wishes with your blog. :)

  9. mahalo (thank you) TimeThief. aloha.

  10. Happy blogging. :)

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