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Duster Theme

  1. My home page looks nothing like the Duster home page. I feel like I need a manual for this theme; and I am a pretty good problem solver. How does this theme work? It looks GREAT but I want it to look like the sample page. All help is welcome!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We do have a manual of sorts for you, check out the Duster page on our Theme Showcase:

  3. alwayswellwithin

    I love the stylish look of this theme. I'm so tempted and tried it out once.

    This is my concern: Will the lack of a sidebar on the single post page make it difficult for people to navigate around my site?

    On my blog, a lot of people land on a post page. I also get quite a few comments. So how will they navigate when they get to the end of a post? They're only option is to click on the more articles link in the author box, but that's not as tempting as a sidebar of enticing popular posts links. Most people aren't going to scroll through all the comments to get to the footer widgets.

    It would be nice to have a link back to the home page at the end of the post. I guess I could add one in my author description...just thinking.

    Does anyone else see this as an obstacle?

    Heh Theme Wranglers. I hope you fixed the little problem with the photos not aligning properly with the text! :) I sent you a message. Hugs to all your great Theme Shapers.

  4. I've read through the other thread on the problems with Duster theme and still can't figure it out. I read the link above and am still confused. I am new to wordpress, so I'm still learning how to navigate the site. I want my home page to look like the one pictured in the sample. I know this is asking a lot, but if someone could break it down step by step (basically explain it to me like I'm a 3rd grader) that would be awesome.

  5. writingtowellness

    This theme seems fine for starting a new blog, but activating an existing blog and attempting to sticky an old post just doesn't work. Let me know when you get the bugs worked out.

  6. I am trying to use the duster theme. I have put content into the right side bar widgets, but they do not show up on my pages. Is there some setting that needs to be adjusted?

  7. @alwayswellwithin One option to consider is using the Footer Widget area as a housing spot for lists of links to your best posts. Duster's single posts and pages were designed intentionally to focus attention on the post itself. And thanks for letting us know about that image issue! We're taking a look at it.

    @fineartfinds Is there a particular spot where you're running into trouble? To quickly review, you need a page that's using the Showcase Page Template (you can select it in the page attributes panel), from Settings → Reading you can select that page as your front page for your site. If you want the Ephemera Widget to appear on the Showcase you have to post short posts in the Link or Aside Post Format. If you want the Featured Post area to appear, mark one of your best posts as "Sticky" in the publish module on the Edit Post page. Adding a Featured Image will add a neat image to that post. Large images, 1000px or wider, will be full-width and smaller images will appear off to the side.

    Whew. That's a lot. Again if there's a particular spot where you're having trouble, let us know about it and we'll smooth it out.

    @writingtowellness Would you be able to give it another shot and let us know if you're still experiencing the same issue?

    @ellipsis2creative Duster does not show a sidebar on posts and pages.

  8. alwayswellwithin

    Thanks for the reply. It's true, if people click on the "more posts by this author" widget they will get back to a page with a side bar. And one reason I like the theme is for the focus on the content. Also using footer widgets as you suggest.

    It looks like you fixed the photos. Thanks! That misalignment was small but disturbing!

  9. @alwayswellwithin
    I searched as there are many Duster threads now and some may have contents of interest to you. :) Click here >

    P.S. I love your blue sky header. ;)

  10. Need some help - either I've lost my mind or Duster is not available in the "Install Themes" section of WordPress.

    Please see this link to see the error code:

    I'd appreciate any help out there.

  11. The theme you blog is currently wearing will not be displayed here Appearnce > Themes because your blog is "wearing it". :)

  12. alwayswellwithin

    timethief, thanks for that link! It always helps to read all the threads on a new theme. The blue sky header was nice, but I switched it out for one I like better. I finally learned how to make a custom header so I could hide the site title and tag line. That makes everything move up so people can see the headline of the first post and top of sidebar. Much better! I'm still fine tuning the header and fine tuning the CSS changes, but I'm happy with the change.

    I love what you are doing with your blog thistimethisspace. It looks terrific.

  13. @allwayswellwithin
    You're welcome.

    I like what you have changed the header to on your blog. Remarkably I was intending to use the same free image on mine ... lol :D

    P.S. r: thistimethisspace
    I'm thinking you haven't read my latest post.

  14. Well, after I quit complaining and merely reactivating 1 of my blogs to Duster theme, I decided to leave it.

    Not sure the header image looks blurry as I had complained earlier.

    But I want to try this theme out for now. I like many of its features. It's a very different feel for this particular blog of mine.

  15. @maidiebike
    I love this theme on your blog. I have only one suggestion. Please consider changing background colour to a green.

  16. The 2nd blog that I administer uses a green background another reason why I don't want to replicate. However I can see why you might have made the suggestion.

  17. And I found this older thread elsewhere about photo image quality in Wordrpess due to some presets.

  18. @alwayswellwithin
    where did you get the cute twitter hearts and RSS hearts etc. for your follow section and how did you implement them?

  19. This is a nice theme but I can't for the life of me work out how to get an image to match the page width as per the second pic in the demo, I've read the tutorial notes and am not new to wordpress - I've customised layouts before - and I'm disappointed that this one isn't working out.

  20. withgreatheartblog

    I'm having trouble with two things:

    1. Getting the Ephemera widget to display (all my post formats are set to 'Aside')
    2. Getting the Featured Image to align with the content area

    If someone knows a fix for either of these, please let me know! I have my front page set up correctly already (, but when I put the Ephemera widget in the Showcase sidebar area, nothing appears. I would love to have this working!

    Also, with a custom background, having the featured image lay outside of the content area looks very bad.

    Thank you!

  21. kerrymurrayphotography

    This theme is really pretty, but is proving to be more and more fustrating as I try to do more with it... the text alignment problem mentioned by allwayswellwithin at the beginning of this topic is still causing me issues, as well as the comment box which, inexplicably, is covering half of my post!

    I go into visual editor and space everything out correctly but as soon as you hit save draft or publish, everything goes back to a squashed mess... eeek! tearing my hair out here... love the way this theme looks, but I don't know if i'm going through a stupid patch here, but i'm just not winning...

    any ideas? thanks for your help

  22. kerrymurrayphotography

    so disregard my last plea for assistance, i've switched to pilcrow. as you were...

  23. @ellipsis2creative Duster does not show a sidebar on posts and pages.

    --> I am sorry if this seems like an incredibly silly question, but when does the sidebar content actually show, if not on posts and pages? I'd like to at least be able to display a list of links, and possibly some images from a flickr account, somewhere that's not stuck all the way down in the footer. Is that possible? Is it because I am using WP for a static website, that I cannot display anything in the sidebar (because all my content is organized in pages)?

    I see that vanessajaded has been able to display some sidebar content, which makes me hopeful that i'll be able to figure out how, too. Or is this the much-talked-about Duster Ephemera (whatever that is)?.

    Matías said 19 hours ago:
    1. The sidebar called “Main sidebar” appears on all blog views, while the “Showcase sidebar” appears on the Showcase page and is the one that holds the “Duster Ephemera” widget by default.

  24. Ok, I figured some of this out - I am able to display something in the sidebar, but only in the showcase sidebar.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to remove the texts saying "recent posts", if using the theme for a static website, without editing the CSS?

  25. Is anybody aware of how to fix this text alignment issue? This is just horrible, there has got to be a simple solution to this via CSS I just don't know how to figure it out.

  26. I need to see this on the actual blog. Could you put up a temporary post or page for us to look at and then give us a link to it?

  27. I run the duster theme on our site: I have made tons of modifications through the edit CSS option, but have yet to figure out how to make the video embeds smaller (as I have shrunk the width of the page), nor have I been able to fix the small feature image size on explorer. Any leads, suggestions?

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