Duster Theme failling??

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    What’s going wrong to Duster Theme’s layout on my blog??

    Please, someone, check it ou!!


    The blog I need help with is ebraelshaddai.wordpress.com.



    I believe the theme is displaying as it was designed to. What specifically are you referring to please?
    Have you read the instructions here?
    Have your searched the forum threads on the Duster theme?



    I have the same problem with one of my private blogs that uses Duster… There is an extra white column created on the right… May be a bug. Happened some 15 minutes ago…



    Are you aware that the Duster theme does NOT isplay the sidebar on single pages and posts. If that’s what you are referring to then the theme is operating as it was coded to operate. As your blog is private we cannot “see” what you are referring to.


    Timethief and Helar:

    My blog was never private! Never! Some posts are private, not the blog. If theme is displaying what it was designed to, why did never it happen before??

    The extra white colunm, mentioned by Helar, is exactly what I’m referring to, I guess, a misconfiguration of the layout…perhaps some code error running…error that I don’t know!


    Thanx to you both, up to now!!



    I’m so sorry I wasn’t more clear. It’s “helar” who has the private blog.

    The main (right) sidebar appears on index pages (main posts page, category pages etc.). There is no sidebar displayed when you view a single post, and no sidebar displayed when you view a static page, except if you use the showcase template, in which case you get the showcase (left) sidebar.

    Can you explain exactly what you mean by what has changed in the operation and appearance of this theme on your blog please?



    OOPS! We Volunteers are never told when Staff are changing themes. I see that Staff have now “fixed’ this for you. Happy blogging. :)



    Yes! They fixed trouble from Staff! The trouble was: a white column that constrained the conten in index pages leftwards. Now, al is OK!

    Thanx once more! Good worktime!



    Best wishes to you. :)



    I have a similar issue… pages within the blog are aligned differently.. i’m trying to use the showcase widget but the ‘image’ I have set up isn’t viewing..?

    Any ideas?




    pages within the blog are aligned differently

    The Duster theme does NOT display a sidebar on single pages and posts. If that’s what you are referring to then the theme is operating as it was coded to operate.

    i’m trying to use the showcase widget but the ‘image’ I have set up isn’t viewing..?

    (1) create a static page using the showcase template
    (2) assign the post to be showcased as ‘sticky’
    (3) upload a ‘featured picture’

    The header image needs to be displayed at a width of 1000px. If the width for the Large option in Settings > Media is set to anything below 1000, the featured image will show up to the right of the featured post title (scaled down if the original is larger than the allowed space). If the width for the Large option is set to 1000 and the image is 1000px wide, it will show up as a full width image.



    That’s cool, thanx.
    But why does the content on different pages align differently to give the impression of an invisible column on the right and sometimes on the left?
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the theme, just would be convenient to either have text start in the same place on every page, or fill the empty space with widgets, links or badges.
    Thanx again.


    It was the theme designer’s choice. Their decision. If you have twenty ten active on your blog and set a static page to the “no-sidebar” template, you will see the same thing; ample white space on each side of the column of text.



    I have no problem with white space.. neither am I questioning the designers choice (i/m a designer too…) i’d just like the white space to be consistent on all pages. Otherwise I think it’s a great template.


    I like the extra white space, and widening the text so that it has the same margins/padding as the post pages would in my opinion make the lines of text too long and make reading more difficult.

    My designs of late have been moving back to giving the content much more breathing room than what has been done in the past and I’ve, in most cases completely abandoned using two sidebars. It just makes things feel too tight and to packed for my tastes.

    Of course there are those times when you have to try and force 10 pounds of stuff into a 5 pound bag. I dread doing those kinds of sites anymore.

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