Duster Theme- How do you use Featured Post Option?

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    I just activated the new duster theme and I love it, but I’m confused about how to implement the “Featured Post” option. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is fineartfinds.com.



    Hi, fineartfinds. We have some instructions on posting Featured Posts with Duster on the theme showcase. If you’re using the Showcase Template, just post a Sticky Post with a Featured Image.

    I hope that helps!



    A related question from a WordPress newbie (with no CSS knowledge): I want a picture featured with my showcase post. The image I have chosen does not appear on the right of the post as it does here:


    but appears like the large featured of the pink flower in this Duster page (with the difference that the title of my sticky post appears ON the picture, but not the text):


    I followed the specified instructions, which were:
    (1) To create a static page using the showcase template
    (2) To assign the post I want showcased as ‘sticky’
    (3) To upload a ‘featured picture’

    Does my problem have to do with the size of my picture? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!


    @amoreslibros I guess from the look of your site that you figured out how to achieve the small featured image look. It has to do with the size of the image, indeed.

    If you choose a media size that is as big as the header image, then you get a big sticky image with just the post title.



    I’m having the same issue…I want my photo to appear on the right side instead of taking up the entire space of the featured post section. I altered the size of the photo to both thumbnail and medium, but there’s no difference on my front page. Is there another alternative?



    I read the entry above your own. A large image is, at the minimum, as big as the header dimensions (1000px width). I believe that this means you must choose the medium size. Have you tried that?

    This is a link to all the Duster threads. I’m providing it as you may be able to find a more specific answer in one of those threads. http://tinyurl.com/6g2j8hx



    I’m sorry if I’m a bit slow here, but my issue doesn’t seem to be like the ones above.

    I’ve got the featured post to work just fine on my Showcase page, with a nice image and all, BUT when you click yourself into the actual post, the featured image replace the original header. I don’t want that. Anyway I can change this?

    Thanks all.



    figured it out. I see that I have to edit the actual size of the photo and scale it down in the media library, rather than just choose thumbnail or medium size when i’m posting the photo.

    Thanks for the help though!



    @patriqprimal I’m having that problem as well. Since I have to scale down the image for it to appear on the right, when you click the feature it replaces the header and stretches it out, making it look incredibly pixelated and ugly. There has to be a way to disable that or at the least not make it look so bad.



    I’m having the same problem as patriqprimal and daviddoel. It seems that a few other people, in other forum topics, are having a similar issue. Please let me know if there is a way to have a featured image that does not replace the header.



    The answer is here. I advise you to read what’s above it too. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/duster-featured-image?replies=17#post-565873

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