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Duster theme no longer available?

  1. femmeonamission

    Hi there.

    I have been blogging at for some time using the Duster theme. I am now starting a website for my portrait business at, and I would like to use the Duster theme again. But I can't find it! When I searched themes, it wasn't there. So I went to the Duster theme showcase and tried to activate straight from there and had no luck either.

    Is Duster unavailable for new blogs? I hope not, it's my favorite!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's been replaced by Twenty-Eleven, which is very similar but has a couple of extra features.

  3. @femmeonamission
    The Duster theme is still available on free hosted blogs. I just activated it on my test blog. In fact I see it on the blog linked to your username right now. When a theme is already in use on any blog it does not appear here for selection > Appearance > Themes

  4. Also note this helpful post on the theme and how it operates contrasted with Twenty Eleven and how it operates >

  5. They may have disabled it for new blogs? That's usually what happens before they disable it for everyone. I know they've marked Duster as deprecated in the svn.

  6. @wank
    The Duster theme already appearing on the blog in question ie. and that's why I think this is a case of this > when a theme is already in use on any blog it does not appear here for selection > Appearance > Themes

  7. juliarobinsonportraits

    Wow you guys! So fast and so helpful. Thank you!!

  8. @juliarobinsonportraits
    You're welcome.

  9. @TT: I just registered a new blog to check, and OP is right, Duster is not available in newly created blogs.

    @femmeonamission: As wank said, you can use Twenty Eleven instead: it's exactly the same theme actually, just with a few improvements.

  10. @Panos
    Okay but the OP states this is the blog in question > and I do not think I am hallucinating. It is already wearing the Duster theme is it not?

  11. You're not hallucinating, but OP is talking about this blog:
    That's what happens when users don't post the whole URL...

  12. @panos
    YIKES! You're right. Visually challenged sigh I did not detect the link. And now I know why this post was made here Thanks so much for helping with this.

  13. Ok, I'm not happy that Twenty Eleven still requires that I have set of small pics as a gallery in order for me to use the gallery post format for a full article.

    Duster gives me a single thumbnail pic conversion automatically when I choose the blog post in gallery format AND preserves still inside the full post all my normal sized pics carefully embedded in my article.

    Then I tried again on another private blog use Twenty Ten theme and previewed it in Twenty Eleven. same problem.

    I don't get it. ....maybe I'm missing something here.

  14. To get a thumbnail, neither Duster nor Twenty Eleven "requires that you have set of small pics as a gallery". Both Duster and Twenty Eleven require that there is at least one image attached to the post (= uploaded via the Add an Image tool of the post editor).

  15. Thanks for your answer panos. I hope it works for others.

    It doesn't work for me. Because of this problem I don't watch to even preview Twenty Eleven, because I don't think it won't work again for me when switching from Duster. I tried this the first time before Duster was removed as the theme to select.

    I wish I knew...I would like WordPress Support staff to test this..

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