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Duster Theme - what is difference between a link and an aside?

  1. Looking at changing my theme to Duster - but I can't find out what a link is! I know what an aside is but don't know what the difference is as a posting format. Any idea?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Asides:
    Links take you to another post on your blog, another site, an email address:
    Links can be made with images or text:
    The links widget displays links to other blogs you like:

  3. Hi 1tess. Thanks for the comment.
    I get links.
    I get asides post format.
    I don't get links format.
    In Duster there is a links format just as there is an aside format. So you can define a post as a link format. What is that? If I write a post and define it as a link format it looks like an aside format - ie a post without a header.
    So, what is the difference?

  4. Oh, sorry, I looked at the site linked to your name and just overlooked the fact that you were asking about Duster. My apologies: my mind is very distracted. I don't know either.

  5. I've been trying to figure out what the difference is, too.

  6. <blockquote. To populate the sidebar you would make use of the Aside or Link post formats when you create a new entry (or convert an old one). You should find a new widget at your disposal, called Duster Ephemera, so you can customize the sidebar to your liking and still have the Asides and Link widget feature.

    Please see the links that our Moderator Tess1 posted above for more clarity. >

  7. timethief said "you would make use of the Aside or Link post formats "

    Like previous questioner, I do understand what a link is, and how to create one. My question is: What is a LINK POST?
    I assume that the designers of the theme have two different types of post in mind for "aside" and "link". I can't imagine a reason for the two options existing without some sort of difference.

  8. Timethief, thanks for trying to help but I still don't see it.

    An Aside Post works in exactly the same way as a Link Post. Neither have headers, both appear in Duster Ephemera. But you can't select either of them (as you can in Crisp Theme) separately - so what is the point??? Its essentially just an aside post. If they implemented it like the Crisp Theme it would make sense.

    Now I may be missing something obvious but I still don't understand why you would have both as currently implemented.

  9. What can I say? The Duster theme designer must have had something in mind re: differentiating between Asides and Link Posts but I'm at a loss as to what it may be.

  10. Hi timethief, if you've joined our ranks then it must be serious!

    Seriously, I think that the potential idea is great and its why I'm seriously thinking of moving my blog over to the Crisp Theme. The Crisp theme has done what they might have been thinking but probably didn't quite think it through enough. I am sure that they might in its next iteration. I have been seriously impressed by the variety of different themes and ideas that the team come up with.

    If they implemented the Crisp ideas in Twenty Ten or in Duster then I might well move back - just one of those fickle people that wants everything!

  11. Shrug ... the Crisp theme is a premium theme and I have no information about it aside from what appears in the Theme Showcase. Those who purchase themes get a link to the Premium Themes Forum and get their support from the theme designer.

  12. The first part of this article describes the differences:

    Basically a LINK POST links directly to the link where as a regular post links to the single page.

  13. Hi brorobw,
    Thanks but the problem still remains. There is no differentiation in the Duster theme. They allow you to make a difference defining it as a post but it doesn't have a different behaviour and there is no inbuilt way of selecting them.

    Unlike the Crisp theme.

    I suspect that the powers that be were playing with some of the ideas when they designed this theme and didn't think it through properly.

  14. I think the link post is meant to link to an external link. Hover over a link post, it says link to post. Every other link to a different post says "permalink" meaning that the link connects to a post on your website. Also, aside suports text and links.But, even I dont see why they needed 2 different categories.

  15. This is the best guide I've found so far to the wordpress interpretations of post formats. Basically, even if a link and an aside are formatted identically, they're conceptually different and that's why it's useful to have both.

    In some respects I think 'post types' might have been a better name than 'post formats'. It's a taxonomy which defines posts according to type rather than subject matter. You should be able to list links separately from asides, but there's no intrinsic reason why they should be styled differently.

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