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    I use(d) duster theme for my website and recently, it has been automatically updated to Twenty Eleven recently and this resulted in the gallery pages opening a kind of a slide show when the thumbnail is clicked with darkened background.

    I would like the back ground colour to be white or none. Is this possible?

    I do have custom CSS. and my website is: http://janeackroyd.com/


    The blog I need help with is janeackroyd.com.


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    That is how the gallery shortcode works now, which ever theme you use.



    I can see that the carousel idea works well for most people but I don’t want the black background or the carousel. I chose the duster theme because I liked the way it was. Is there no way that I can revert to the original theme ? It would be sad to have to use another web host as I have got used to wordpress. Thank you for your help.


    As Tess already explained, this is not theme dependent. A gallery (and the new gallery carousel) is inserted in a post or a page: it’s not part of a theme, and it looks the same no matter what the theme. WP changed the gallery feature, not the themes.



    I think I understand what you are saying. Does this mean that the carousel cannot be changed…that the gallery feature is intrinsic to wordpress ?



    Yes. FWIW Staff have advised that this is the first iteration of the Carousel feature. We cannot edit the functionality or disable it.

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