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Dutch translation suggestions

  1. Some translations don't exist (mix of English and Dutch dialogs), others are inconsistent or wrong.

    E.g. under comment box:
    Hou me op de hoogte van nieuwe reacties via e-mail.
    Houd mij via e-mail op de hoogte van nieuwe berichten.

    Should read:
    Houd me via e-mail op de hoogte van nieuwe reacties.
    Houd me via e-mail op de hoogte van nieuwe berichten.

    "Share this" and "Like this" are not translated

    The admin page "Mijn publieke profiel" is a weird mix of English and Dutch.

    Can someone help fixing this? I have more on my list...


    The blog I need help with is

  2. To add to the above, just found this:

    "Je reageert onder uw account."

  3. Hello.
    You can suggest any translation you want in the GlotPress project:

  4. Woops, the link above is for German... :-)
    This is the link for Dutch:

  5. Oops! Dutch/Deutsch (German in German) mistaking. Apologies!

  6. Ok, will do...

  7. I saw there are more than 10 pages of translation suggestions waiting to be approved. I sincerely hope someone of the Dutch team can spare a moment...

  8. Anyone, hello?

    Admin, shall I do the 10 pages approval work? (Being magazine editor in my pro life.)

    It seems currently no one takes this seriously.

  9. Hello there,
    Did you know that Staff are not available until Tuesday?

    Support is closed over the weekend whilst we work on improving our level of service. We’ll be back open again early Tuesday, September 6th (UTC).

  10. @hbholand:
    You could request to becoming validator for Dutch. This is the appropriate place.

  11. First post on the subject Aug 23rd...
    I'd wish someone from the Dutch team would chime in with a message that these 10 pages will be dealt with in the - hopefully - near future.
    As I said before, I'm willing to help to speed up the process.

  12. @hboland: thank you for your willingness to help, and sorry for the delay in response! I have added you as the validator for Dutch translation for Please check out the following support articles about the translation process and GlotPress:

    We also strongly recommend that you get in touch with the Dutch team, if you have not already:

    Good luck, and again, thank you for being awesome and helping make available in Dutch! If you have any questions, please post them in this forum and we'll do our best to get back to you sooner next time :)

  13. Thanks Jenia, will do.


  14. @Jenia,
    I started an epic journey (that's how it feels) to wade through the 1200+ pages Dutch entries in Glotpress.
    I've done 100 now and sifted out any ambigious or plainly wrong translations. On every page a handful.
    Is it true that new translations are only let through to the production systems in batches of 200 or so? In theory the fruits of my labour could never make it to the public side?


  15. You can translate as many strings in one go as you wish, there is no limit. Also a validator can approve as many as he wants. The '200' limit means only that we will not move the approved strings (deploy) to production/live if there are less than 200 strings pending deployment.

  16. @mod: I'll warn you when I'm done and hope you will move the results live without too much delay.

    For the Dutch people here:

    Belangrijkste doel is uniform maken van de vertaling:
    U/uw wordt je (conform NL)
    Artikel wordt bericht (conform NL)
    Email wordt e-mail
    etc etc
    De rest betreft overwegend grammaticafouten, interpunctie of incorrecte vertalingen die zich vooral voordoen in de admin- en auteur-interfaces.
    Ik hoop dat het allemaal lukt...

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