Dyad 2 – Front page content question

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    Is it possible to create a single static post that will remain at the top of the front page with a rolling feed of newly posted blogs located below?

    The blog I need help with is salishweavings.wordpress.com.




    Yes, by marking a post as “sticky” you may keep it above the other posts. See the Sticky Posts section of the Post Visibility support page.



    Note, however, that the number of posts displayed in a row on the Dyad 2 theme depends upon the width of the screen on the device used to view the site, and on browser settings as well. Typically, anywhere from one to three posts per row might be displayed on a site with Dyad 2 applied. If more than one post is displayed in a row, then a post marked as sticky would be the leftmost post in the top row.

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